Gujarat Journal of Extension Education 2018 (Special Issue)

Sr. No. Title & Author
1 Role of ICT in extension strategies to facilitate doubling of farmers income, by - Krunal C. Kamani, Yogesh R. Ghodasara and Pankaj S. Parsania
2 Attitude of the farmers towards tissue culture raised banana technology, by - A.P. Shukla, M. R. Patel and N.B. Chauhan
3 Empowerment of tribal women of south Gujarat through agricultural by-products, by - Khyati M. Patel, Mukesh Chaudhary and Mahendra Chaudhary
4 To measure and compare the knowledge level and adoption gap of beneficiary and non-beneficiary farmers of front line demonstrations regarding improved mungbean production technology in Chhotaudepur district of Gujarat, by - B.L.Dhayal and B.M.Mehta
5 Assessment of knowledge level of farmers about organic farming in Amreli district of Gujarat, by - P. J. Prajapati, M. L. Patel and H C. Chhodavadia
6 Farmers’ perception and knowledgr regarding integrated nutrients management in Sabarkantha district of Gujarat, by - Desai.Vijay D, J.K.Patel and V.M.Patel
7 Problems faced by farmers’ sons in satisfying various training needs in Anand taluka of Gujarat, by - Nidhi B. Thakur and N. B. Chauhan
8 Image processing applications in the field of agriculture for detection and classification of citrus family’s plant leaf diseases, by - D. K. Parmar, K. P. Patel, D. R. Kathirya
9 Role of cluster frontline demonstration for boosting the oilseeds production in Rajasthan: A case study in Pali, by - M.L. Meena and Aishwarya Dudi
10 Attitude of cotton growers towards drip irrigation system of Saurashtra region, by - J. V. Chovatia, B. N. Kalsariya and R. K. Odedra
11 Impact of krishi vigyan kendra in operational villages, by - P. S. Gorfad, J. N. Thaker and K. P. Baraiya
12 Yield and gap analysis of wheat productivity through frontline demonstrations organized by agricultural research station, Niphad, by - Romade B. D, Deolankar K. Pand and Gosavi A. B
13 Effect of calf milk replacer supplementation on body weight gain of crossbred calves under field condition, by - P. K. Sharma, K. A. Prajapati and M. K. Choudhary
14 Effect of combination of mineral mixture and herbal seeds on reproductivity of buffaloes under field condition, by - K. A. Prajapati, P. K. Sharma and M. K. Choudhary
15 Constraints faced by the farmers and suggestions given by them to overcome constraints for adoption of tissue culture technology in banana, by - A.P. Shukla, M. R. Patel and N.B. Chauhan
16 Adoption of commercial mango production technology by the mango growers, by - Aruna Farkate H. V. Borate and A. M. Murai
17 Usage of laravel framework in information management system for extension education and research centers of AAU, by - S.H. Bhojani, D.R. Kathiriya and R. S. Parmar
18 Floriculture increasing women empowerment and livelihood development, by - Khyati M. Patel, Mukesh Chaudhary and Mahendra Chaudhary
19 Information communication technology utilization pattern by university teachers, by - Arpita Sharma
20 Level of knowledge about research recommendations of anand agricultural university among the agro-input dealers of Anand district, by - K. D. Khatri, Arun Patel and P. J. Joshi
21 Impact of climate resilient technology in NICRA village of Rajkot district of Gujarat, by - M. M. Tajparam, M. A. Vakaliya and B. N. Kalsariya
22 Baseline survey under on-line pest monitoring and advisory services project in Kheda district of Gujarat, by - M. B. Zala, R. K. Thumar and T. M. Bharpoda
23 One step ahead on doubling farmer’s income: Backyard poultry and goatry enhance income and socio-economic status of tribal farmer, by - B.L.Dhayal and B.M.Mehta
24 Constraints faced by livestock farmers in adoption of dairy farming technologies in Bhavnagar district of Gujarat, by - N.H. Joshi, A.M. Bharwad and S. M. Prajapati
25 Usefulness of latest social media in veterinary field as felt by veterinarians, by - N.H. Joshi, S. M. Prajapati, and Bhaumik Barasara
26 Development and standardization of scale to measure attitude towards Yoga as a tool of human resource development, by - J. B. Patel and N.B. Chauhan
27 Practice-wise adoption of organic farming by the organic farmers of north Gujarat, by - V.B.Patel, M.R.Prajapati and S.G.Joshi
28 Constraints experienced by the farmers in adoption of integrated nutrient management, by - Desai V. D, J.K.Patel and V.M.Patel
29 Effect of FLD on fish culturist in Navsari district, by - Prakash P. Patel, Sumit R. Salunkhe and C.K.Timbadia
30 Training need of horse owners in Banaskantha district of Gujarat State, by - V. B. Pandor and S. S. Shekhawat
31 Role of geoinformatics in animal husbandry, by - I. N. Bhabhor and H. U.Vyas
32 Relationship between characteristics of cotton growers with drip irrigation system and techno economic changes, by - J. V. Chovatia, B. N. Kalsariya and M. K. Bariya
33 Assessment of knowledge level of farmers about organic farming in Amreli district of Gujarat, by - P. J. Prajapati, M. L. Patel and H C. Chhodavadia
34 Market reforms in Indian agriculture, by - Kusuma Kumar K. and N. J. Ardeshna
35 Relationship between level of vocational training needs of the farmers’ sons and their profile in Anand taluka of Gujarat, by - Nidhi B. Thakur and N. B. Chauhan
36 Relationship of farmers profile with utilization of feedback mechanism of agricultural extension services, by - A.K.M. J. Hossain, P.R. Kanani and B. N. Kalsariya
37 The socio personal profile of the members of selfhelp grops in Sihor and Gariyadhar talukas of Bhavnagar district, by - Yogesh S. Trivedi and D.C.Patel
38 Attitude of students towards agricultural education, by - Meenu Maheshwari, Mahesh R. Patel and Jwalit J. Nayak
39 Price spread and market margin of pomegranate in Banaskantha disrtict of north Gujarat, by - R.M.Patel, R.R.Patel and A.S.Patel
40 Personal and socio-economic characteristics of farmers of Banaskantha district, by - R.R.Patel, P.K.Patel and R.M.Patel
41 Investigation on economically viable alternative cropping systems for bidi tobacco in middle Gujarat conditions, by - K. M. Gediya, Jalpa P. Panchal and G. M. Padhiyar
42 Suggestions from the farmers’ sons to make vocational training more accessible for rural youths in anand taluka of Gujarat, by - Nidhi B. Thakur and N. B. Chauhan
43 Knowledge and adoption level of improved animal husbandry practices by milk producers in Chhotaudaipur district of Gujarat, by - B.L.Dhayal and B.M.Mehta
44 Perception of farm women towards animal husbandry as occupation, by - Zinzala G. P. and Bhatt M. R.
45 Personal, socio-economic and psychological characteristics of crossbred cattle owners of Surat district in south Gujarat, by - A.M. Dabhi, Durgga Rani V. and R.S.Ghasura
46 Knowledge level of farmers’ regarding photovoltaic water pumping system: Comparative study between Hisar, Rohtak and Jhajjar districts of Haryana state, by - Anil Kumar, Ashok Kumar Godara and Ashok kumar
47 Knowledge and adoption of farmers about scientific cultivation of maize in Panchmahal district, by - B.N. Thakker, K.H. Patel and S.K. Singh
48 Adoption of state agricultural university recommended cotton cultivation practices by the cotton growers in Morbi district of Gujarat, by - M. A. Vakaliya, M. M. Tajpara and B. N. Kalsariya
49 Economic performance of milch buffalo in the operational area of dairy vigyan kendra, Vejalpur, by - S. J. Jadav and P. J. Joshi
50 Transformation of information through multimedia based interactive media for Desi-cotton crop, by - K. P. Patel, D. K. Parmar and D. R. Kathirya
51 Doubling farmers’ income options and challenges in Gujarat: a review, by - Priyanka Changela and Ganga Devi
52 Influence of change in cropping system on the socio-economic condition of the farmers, by - N. Sowmya and S.L. Ptil

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