Gujarat Journal of Extension Education 2011 (Volume-22)

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Sr. No. Title & Author
1 Scale Development to Measure Attitude of Rose Growers Towards Improved Rose Cultivation, by - D. D. Patel, P J Joshi and Nilesh P. Patel
2 Comparative Analysis of Recmmended and Estimated Cost of Cultivation of Castor and Potato, by - S.A.Patel, Mayank.S.Patel and K.A.Thakkar
3 Relationship Between Attitude of Tribal Maize Growers Towards Organic Farming and Their Selected Characteristics, by - A.D. Darandale and N.V. Soni
4 Perception and Expectations of the Farmers about Transfer of Technology System in North Gujarat, by - D. B. Patel, K. A. Thakkar and K.S. Patel
5 Perception of Farmers Regarding Selected Aspects of Training Programme Conducted by SSK, by - P.M.Bhatt, H. B.Patel and Nilesh P. Patel
6 Perception of the Farmers about Transfer of Technology System in North Gujarat, by - D. B. Patel, K. A. Thakkar and K. S. Patel
7 Awarness of Farmers Regarding Plant Protection Methods, Equipments and Information Sources, by - J. K. Patel, F. K. Chaudhary and V. T. Patel
8 Knowledge Level Of Rose Growers about Improved Rose Cultivation, by - D. D. Patel, P J Joshi and P. P. Patel
9 Knowledge and Their Correlation with Personal and Socio-economic Characteristics of Coriander Growers, by - S. R. Kumbhani, D. M. Thakrar, Kiran Chandravadia and R. H. Gondaliya
10 Extent of Adoption of Onion Growers about Post Harvest Technology, by - Vijay Poshiya and D.M. Thakarar
11 Adoption of no-cost and low-cost technologies of animal husbandry by tribal dairy farmwomen, by - J. V. Prajapati, P. M. Bhatt and H. B. Patel
12 Demand Supply Gap and Dealers’ Margin for Hybrid Castor Seed in Gujarat, by - Harpreet Sodhi, K.P.Thakkar and S.M. Patel
13 Gap in Adoption and Proposed Extension Strategy for Improving the Productivity of Maize Crop in Dahod District under ATMA Project, by - N.V.Soni, M.R.Bhatt and R.G.Machhar
14 Variables Persuade Socio-Techno-Economic Change in ITDP, by - B.S. Patel and K.F. Patel
15 Extent of Agricultural Modernization among the Tribal and Non-tribal Farmers, by - Mayur Prajapati, K.D.Solanki and Alpesh Prajapati
16 Socio-Economic Change as Result of Watershed Development Programme, by - C.D. Pandya and R.D. Pandya
17 Impact of National Watershed Development Project for Rainfed Areas of Banaskantha District of Gujarat, by - A. S. Sheikh and B. T. Patel
18 Evaluation of Front Line Demonstration on Wheat, by - J.J.Mistry, K.J.Vihol and V.B.Patel
19 Revolutionary change in paddy production through Effective TOT in tribal belt, by - Nikulsinh M. Chauhan and A.P.Patel
20 Effect of Agricultural Modernization on Sustainable Livelihood Among the Tribal and Non-Tribal Farmers, by - Mayur Prajapati, K.D.Solanki, Rakesh Patel and Rakesh Dhandhukia
21 FLD Impact Analysis on Scientific Cultivation of Chilli, by - B.M Tandel, K.A. Shah, Prabhu Nayaka and C.K Timbadia
22 Consequences of Linkages with Tribal Co-Operatives, by - Nikulsinh.M. Chauhan
23 Effect of Mass Media on Dairy Farmers Regarding Adoption Behaviour of Animal Husbandry Practices, by - P.M.Bhatt and P. P. Patel
24 Self-Reliance in Paddy Seed through Seed Village Programme, by - Nikulsinh M. Chauhan and A.P.Patel
25 Constraints Faced by Cotton Growers in Management of Cotton Cultivation, by - A. A. Darandale, P. M. Bhatt and Nilesh P. Patel
26 Societal Paradox about Coriander Production Technology by the Coriender Growers, by - S. R. Kumbhani, D. M. Thakrar, Chandravadia kiran, S.V.Undhad and M.K.Jadeja
27 Constraints faced by the Tribal youth while participating in the rural development activities in Banaskantha District, by - V.V.Prajapati and B..K .Patel
28 Difficulties Faced By the Woman Research Scholars of SAUs of Gujarat in Computer Application, by - B.M.Christian and N.B.Chauhan
29 Constraints Faced by the Banana Growers in Adoption of Improved Banana Cultivation Practices, by - H. B. Patel, P. M. Bhatt and N.V. Soni
30 Causes of Rural unemployment in India, by - A.K.Jain, D.K.Parmar and S. N. Shah
31 Constraints Faced by the Veterinary Officers in Performing their Job, by - H.B. Gardharia, M.N. Popat and G.R. Gohil
32 Teachers Problems Related to Research in Anand Agricultural University, by - P.M.Bhatt, Late B.B.Patel and P. P. Patel
33 Management efficiency and economic performance of marginal, small and medium banana growers, by - H.B.Patel, P.M.Bhatt, and N.V. Soni
34 Study on Publication Behavior of the Agricultural Scientists, by - A. R. Makwan and M. S. Trivedi
35 Women Entrepreneurs and Empowerment in India, by - D.K.Parmar, K.M.Makwana, V.K.Modi and J. C. Shroff
36 Extension Personnel’s Demand about Farm Literature for The Peasantry, by - N.V. Soni, Mahesh R. Patel and Nilesh P. Patel
37 Deportment of Agricultural Scientists for Publishing Agricultural Literatures for Farming Community, by - A. R. Makwan and M. S. Trivedi

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