Gujarat Journal of Extension Education 2001-02 (Volume-12 & 13)

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Sr. No. Title & Author
1 Effectiveness of Multimedia in Educational System, by - Ashok A. Patel and D. D. Patel
2 Socio-economic Impact of Social Forestry in Tribal Area of Rajasthan, by - M. C. Chaudhary and N. K. Panjabi
3 Evaluation of Master Trainers' Training Course, by - S. K. Maharana , N. R. Patel and S. R. Patel
4 Constraints in Fertilizer Utilization by the Farmers of Udaipur District of Rajasthan, by - Purnesh Mathur, P. N. Kalla and F. L. Sharma
5 Correlates of Knowledge of Sugarcane Production Technology, by - M. M. Patel, R. S. Khatediya and Amit Chatterjee
6 Sway ofSelected Factors on Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Dairy Women, by - A. B. Mundhwa , K. A. Thakkar and A. S. Sheikh
7 Association of Personality Traits of Poultry Entrepreneurs with their Management Orientation, by - N. B. Chauhan, b. S. D. Siddhartha and J. G. Patel
8 Farmers' Characteristics Influencing their Knowledge and Adoption of Lily Cultivation, by - Meena Trivedi and J. C. Trivedi
9 Corollary of Cultivators' Managerial Ability on Adoption of Plant Protection Technology of Chilli, by - Ashok A. Patel and R. K. Patel
10 Variables Influencing Tribal Leaders' Knowledge and Adoption Gap for Improved Paddy Cultivation Technologies, by - J. D. Sarkar, P. K. Sangode and K. K. Shrivastava
Research Notes:
11 Extent of Knowledge and Attitude of Dairy Farmers towards AI in Milch Animals, by - G. K. Temkar and N. B. Chauhan
12 An Analysis ofAgricultural Exhibition, by - B. N. Kalsariya, B. R. Karkar and N. D. Bharad
13 A Critical Study of Community Gobar Gas Plant, Methan, by - V. T. Patel, M. R. Prajapati, M. C. Soni and N. V. Chaudhary
14 Correlates of Modernization of Farmers, by - M. R. Prajapati and D. L. Jadhao
15 Adoption of Watershed Management Technology by Farmers, by - R. C. Patel, A. S. Saiyad and N. B. Chauhan
16 Constraints in Adoption ofWell Recharging Practice, by - D. M. Thakrar and A. O. Kher
17 Constraints Experienced by Growers in Adoption of Recommended Chilli Technology, by - M. R. Prajapati, V. T. Patel, N. V. Chaudhary and M. C. Soni
18 Daily Work Schedole of Rural Women of Junagadh District, by - M. K. Bariya and K. A. Thakkar

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