Gujarat Journal of Extension Education 1997-98 (Volume-8 & 9)

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Sr. No. Title & Author
1 Growers' Adoption Behaviour of Production Technologies of Irrigated Wheat, by - A. B. Mundhwa, Ashok A. Patel and B. T. Patel
2 Adoption of indigenous practices of Groundnut Cultivation by Groundnut Growers in South Saurashtra Zone, by - P. R. Kanani, A. 0. Kher, and V. J. Savaliya
3 Role of Awareness Camps in Improving Knowledge of Rural Women in Environmental Sanitation, by - Dhriti Solanki and Pushpa Gupta
4 Adoption of Agricultural Technologies Among Different Categories of Farmers in Kheda District, by - K. Jagadeeshawara, H. L. Patel and K. V. Naik
5 Gain in Knowledge by the Life Member Farmers' Through Krushi-Go-Vidya Farm Magazine, by - N. J. Hingu and N. R. Patel
6 Farm Telecast Viewing Behaviour of TV Owning Farmers, by - R. K. Dani and B. B. Patel
7 Adoption Constraints of Biogas Plants, by - S. D. Dhakar, S. N. Ojha and L. S. Bareth
8 Impact of Short Term Training in Terms of Increase in Knowledge, Adoption and Yield of the Farmers, by - J. P. Bhatt, R. B. Patel and V. D. Joshi
9 Constraints Perceived and Suggestions Offered by Supervisory Extension Staff for Effective Implementation of RAWE Programme, by - Ashok Kumar Sharma, S. L. Intodia and Rajeev Bairathi
10 Extent of Water Utilization and Its Management Aspect by Tribal and Non Tribal Farmers in Command Area of Surat District (Guj.), by - M. C. Patel and S. K. Waghmare
11 Income Generation and Expenditure Pattern of Tribal Farmers of South Eastern Madhya Pradesh, by - M. A. Khan, P. N. Sharma and M. L. Sharma
12 Academic Performance of Agricultural Students, by - S. R. Kosamhi and M. S. Trivedi
13 Impact of Institutional Training on Knowledge of Tribal Farmers, by - F. L. Sharma, and S. L. lntodia
14 Identification and Adoption of Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITKs) by sugarcane Growers, by - S. R. Patel, R. B. Patel and V. D. Joshi
15 Motivating Factors of Girl Students for Agricultural Degree Course, by - N. Mohanty and N. R. Patel
16 Impact of Soil Conservation Programme on Improved Farm Practices, by - J. D. Sarkar, K. K. Shrivastava and L. S. Bareth
Research Notes:
17 Constraints Experienced by the Beneficiaries in Adption of Watershed Management Technology, by - J. B. Patel, R. S. Vekaria and G. M. Patel
18 Contribution of Rural Women in Post Harvest operations -A case of Southern Rajasthan, by - Meena Stl11adhya, S. L. lntodia and P. K. Dashora
19 Home Science Education and Development of Human Resources Among Women, by - S. Ahlawat and G. Goyal
20 Sway of Selected Factors on the Technical Knowledge of Small Peasants., by - N. B. Chauhan and 0. S. Rathore
21 Role of Selected Characteristics of Paddy Growers on Knowledge Adoption and Production, by - S. R. Patel, R. S. Vekaria and R. D. Pandya
22 Job Satisfaction of Village Level Workers Working Under T & V system, by - M. N. Popat, S. M. Nandvana and D. M. Thakrar
23 Migration Habit and Overall Technological Gap of The Tribal Farmers, by - A. J. Patel and J. C. Trivedi
24 Extent of Adoption of Lime Production Technology by Lime Growers, by - V. V. Mayani and V. S. Patel
25 A Knowledge Test to Measure Wheat Growers' Knowledge about Wheat Production Technology, by - M. S. Trivedi and B. T. Patel
26 Impact of Institutional Training Programme on Farm Women under TWA Project, by - H. V. Gosai, M. A. MUllshi, V. J. Savaliya, and P. R. Kanani
27 Communication Sources Utilized by Urd Growers in the Tribal Areas of Rajasthan, by - L. S. Bareth and S. L. lntodia
28 Constraints Experienced by Hybrid-6 Cotton Growers, by - B. N. Kalsariya, M. N. Popat and M. A. Munshi
29 Impact of Tribal Training Centre on Knowledge and Adoption of Participant and Non-Participant Farmers In Dahod District, by - B. S. Patel and R. R. Acharya
30 Impact of Co-operative Sugar Factories in Sugarcane Growers of South Gujarat, by - S. D. Kavad, R. B. Patel and V. D. Joshi
31 Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Farmers, by - R. Vijayaraghavan
32 Constraints Faced by Dairy Personnel in Milk Procurement in laipur District of Rajasthan, by - Rajeev Bairathi, Ram Chandra and F. L. Sharma
33 Training Needs of Rural Women, by - R. F. Thakor and K. F. Patel
34 Constraints in use of Chemical Fertilizer among the Tribals of Bastar (M.P.), by - R. S. Sengar
35 Correlates of Knowledge about Ginger Production Technology, by - P. G. PatiZ. S. B. Vidhate and G. K. Waman
36 Constraints in Adoption of Recommended Mustard Cultivation Technology, by - K. M. Patel and M. C. Soni
37 Information Seeking Behaviour of Mandarin Growers in Ihalawar District of Rajasthan, by - N. K. Panjabi, F. L. Sharma and Anis Mohammed
38 Inter-Relationship among Dimensions of Entrepreneurship, by - M. M. Patel and Amit Chatterjee

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