Gujarat Journal of Extension Education 1999-2000 (Volume-10 & 11)

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Sr. No. Title & Author
1 Growers Managerial Ability for Plant Protection Measures in Chilli Crop, by - Ashok A. Patel and R. K. Patel
2 Adoption Pattern of Farm Technology, by - S. L. Intodia and Purnesh Mathur
3 Entrepreneurial Behavior of Potato Growers, by - M. R. Prajapati and R. J. Patel
4 Te.chno-economicChange Transpire in· Watershed Area of South Gujarat, by - G. R. Patel and R. B. Patel
5 Consequence of Personality Traits of Poultry Entrepreneurs on Adoption of Modern Practices, by - N. B. Chauhan and D. S. D. Siddharth
6 Growers' Adoption Rationale for Production Technology of Rainfed Wheat, by - A. B. Mundhwa and Ashok A. Patel
7 Disparities in Rice Farming Technology among Tribal and Non-tribal Farming Communities of Chhattisgarh, by - M. A. Khan, J. K. Chauhan, M. L. Sharma, P. N. Sharma, and R. K. Tiwari
8 Adoption of Recommended Dry Farming Technology of Cotton in North Gujarat, by - V. T. Patel, M. R. Prajapati, K. M. Joshi, N. V. Chaudhary and M. C. Soni
9 A Study on Adoption of Kharif Groundnut Production Technology, by - P. D. Verma and M. A. Munshi
10 Animal Husbandry Training Needs of Rural Women, by - M. K. Bariya, K. A. Thakkar and B. H. Prajapati
11 A Scale to Measure Attitude of Farmers towards Well Recharging, by - D. M. Thakrar and A. O. Kher
12 Participation of Tribal Farm Women in Indigenous Resource Management Activities, by - J. G. Patel, N. B. Chauhan and J. C. Trivedi
Research Notes:
13 Training Needs of Rural Farm Women, by - N. D. Bharad, B. R. Karkar and B. N. Kalsariya
14 Farmers' Awareness for Services Provided by the State Department of Agriculture, Punjab, by - Kuldip Kumar, Devinder Singh Sekhon, D. S. Dhillon and Prbhjot Kaur
15 An Evaluation of Training on Management of Mango Orchards, by - N. D. Bharad, B. R. Karkar and B. N. Kalsariya
16 Technological Gap of Contact and Non-contact Farmers in Summer Groundnut Cultivation, by - S. R. Kosambi, M. S. Trivedi and M. N. Popat
17 Influence of Knowledge on Decision Making Ability of Chilli Growers, by - R. K. Patel and Ashok A. Patel
18 Technological Gap in Poultry Farming, by - G. R. Patel, H. U. Vyas and K. F. Patel
19 Impact of Canal Irrigation on Scheduled Caste Farmers, by - P. M. Vanker and N. B. Chauhan

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