Gujarat Journal of Extension Education 2017 (Special Issue)

Sr. No. Title & Author
1 Usefulness of latest social media in veterinary field as felt by veterinarians, by - N. H. Joshi, A. R. Patel and A. C. Vaidya
2 Influnces of independent variables on overall extent of contribution of tribal farmwomen, by - Mahesh R. Patel, Arun Patel and Jaydip D. Desai
3 A study on perception and constraints faced by the post graduate students towards use of internet facilities, by - S. R. Salunkhe, R. D. Pandya and S. K. Rai
4 Constraints faced by frontline demonstration beneficiary’s neighbouring farmers, by - P. S. Gamit, P. B. Khodifad and V. S. Dedun
5 Impact of WTO on indian agriculture, by - Dr. V. D. Tarpara
6 Adoption of organic manures and crop residue management in Haryana, by - Rajesh Bhatia, S.K. Mehta and Ashok Grower
7 Assessing yield gap analysis of groundnut through cluster front line demonstration in Banaskantha district of Gujarat, by - Yogesh Pawar, S. H. Malve and G. J. Patel
8 Attitude of the tribal farmers towards KVK, by - G. J. Chaudhary, R. S. Prajapati and R. N.Patel
9 Impact assessment of adopted cotton production technology and Constraints in marathwada region of Maharashtra State, by - B. T. Kamble, D. S. Navadkar and D. B. Yadav
10 Constraints faced by the farmers in adoption of pit method of preparing farm yard manure, by - V. V. Prajapati, K .S. Patel and M.A.Tunvar
11 Impact assessment of front line demonstrations (flds) of ipm in bt. Cotton, by - P. S. Gorfad, K. P. Baraiya and A. M. Parakhia
12 Impact of front line demonstration on groundnut conducted by krushi vigyan kendra, Deesa, by - M.A.Tunvar, A. J. Patel and V.V.Prajapati
13 Correlets of entrepreneurial behaviour of dairy farmers about dairy enterprise, by - K.L. Chaudhary, K. M. Parmar and M. R. Prajapati
14 Knowledge level of dairy farmers regarding recommended dairy management practices, by - V. S. Prajapati, Rana Ranjeet Singh and N. B. Jadav
15 Constraints faced by the soil health card holder in using soil health card, by - J. M. Charel, V. S. Parmar and V. P. Vejapara
16 Knowledge on organic manure and crop residues management in Haryana, by - Rajesh Bhatia, S.K. Mehta and A.K. Godara
17 Variation caused by independent variables on overall extent of contribution of tribal farmwomen, by - Mahesh R. Patel, Arun Patel and Jaydip D. Desai
18 Technological gap in adoption of improved dairy management practices, by - Umesh R. Chinchmalatpure, R. T. Katole and H. H. Ratnaparkhi
19 Socio-economic status of maize contract farmers of Navsari district, by - M. V. Dalvi and C. D. Pandya
20 Relationship between risk preference of tribal farm women and their contribution in agriculture and animal husbandry, by - Mahesh R. Patel, Arun Patel, and Pravin Chaudhary
21 Management efficiency of banana growers and its determinants in Navsari district of South Gujarat, by - M. V. Chaudhary and P. B. Khodifad
22 Role of social media in 21st centuary in agricultural develpoment, by - G.R.Gohil, LakhlaniManshi and Pooja Nakum
23 Constraints faced by the extension personnel while using ICT tools, by - R. L. Patil, S. B. Bhange and S. S. Gaikwad
24 Technology transfer through institutional interventions at growers level: The case of rubber smallholder sector in Tripura, by - Gaurav Sharma and S.K. Dey
25 The attitude of farmers about organic farming, by - C. D. Patel, V. P. Vejpara and V.S. Parmar
26 Economic performance of buffalo owners in operational area of Dairy Vigyan Kendra, Vejalpur, Gujarat, by - S. J. Jadav, J. K. Patel and N. H. Joshi
27 Drone technology: Digital hawk eye in the sky for precision agriculture, by - K. C. Kamani and Y. R. Ghodasara
28 Correlation of economic viability of dry land farming systems, by - U. R. Chinchmalatpure, N. Y. Said and V. K. Raut
29 Value addition of pulses in Western Maharashtra, by - D.S.Navadkar, B.T. Kamble and S.P.Kalhapure
30 Determinants of attitude of the farmers towards krishi vigyan kendra’s activities, by - S.B. Katole, G.G. Patel and A.B. Parmar
31 Effect of migration habit on contribution of tribal farm women, by - M. R. Patel, Arun Patel and J. D. Desai
32 Entrepreneurial uniqueness of tribal farmwomen and their correlation towards training need in animal husbandry practices in Chhotaudepur district, by - Kiran Chandravadia
33 A study on personal profile and use of internet facilities by the post graduate students of Navsari Agricultural University, by - S. R. Salunkhe, R. D. Pandya and S. K. Rai
34 Baseline survey under on-line pest monitoring and advisory services project in Vadodara district of Gujarat, by - M. B. Zala, R. K. Thumar and T. M. Bharpoda

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