Gujarat Journal of Extension Education 1995-96 (Volume-6 & 7)

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Sr. No. Title & Author
1 Gainful Employment Generation for Youth Through Trysem in Udaipur Zone of Rajastan State, by - Dilip Trivedi and S. L. Intodia
2 Knowledge Level of Farm Women About Groundnut Production Technology, by - Kapila Sakaria and A. 0. Kher
3 Factors Affecting the Annual Income of Farmers of Progressive and Less Progressive Districts, by - R. N. Dikle and B. S. Mahajan
4 Opinion of Farmers About Krushi Mela, by - R. K. Dani and B. B. Patel
5 Development of Knowledge Test and Constraints Faced by Mango-Growers in Adoption of Improved Mango Cultivation Technology, by - M. A. Munshi. P. S. Gorfad and V. J. Savaliya
6 Extent of Utilization of Canal Irrigation Water and Problems in Rotational Water Delivery System, by - M. R. Bhatt and J. C. Trivedi
7 Constraints Experienced by the Rural Youth While 34 Participating Rural Development Programmes, by - H. J. Rabari and M. C SOili
8 Inter-System Communication Patterns of Village Level Workers, by - B. B. Patel and A. 0. Kher
9 Information Sources and Motives Responsible For Particitation of Youths in Trysem in Rajasthan State, by - V. P. Sharma, S. N. Mundra and Umnzed Singh
10 Impact of Educational Media to Promote Soakage Pit in Rural Haryana, by - Asha Madan. Shashi Kanta Varma and Vinita Jain
11 Impact of Media on Indigenous Post-harvest Technology In Haryana, by - Sonika Thakur, Shashi Kanta Varma and S. K. Verma
12 Constraints. Faced by the Village Level Workers In Communicating the Fann Information, by - B. B. Patel and A. 0. Kher
13 Technological Gap among the Tribal Fanners, by - A. J. Patel and J. C. Trivedi
14 Technological Gap between the Fanners Getting above and below State Average in Castor Production Technology, by - S. M. Patel and D. N. Pandya
15 Technological Gap and its Relationship with Socio-Personal Economic, Psychological, Situational and, Communication Traits of Tribal Maize Growers, by - M. S. Trivedi and B. T Patel
16 Role Perception and Role Perfonnance of Formal Leaders, by - B. B. Patel and V D. Suryavanshi
17 A Scale to Measure job Effectiveness of Village Extension Officers, by - M. Srinivasulu Reddy and K. M. Jayaramaiah
18 Farmers Acquaintance About Improved Package of Practices of Black Gram in Tribal Zone of Rajasthan, by - L. S. Bareth and S. J. lntodia
19 Contribution of Different Variables in the Peasantry Modernization, by - N. B. Chauhan and 0. S. Rothore
20 Farmers Perception Regarding the Training Constraints at Krishi Vigyan Kendra in the Southern Rajasthan, by - M. J. Sharma, M. S. Chauhan, P. N. Sharma and N. B. Chauhan
21 Communication Patterns of Village Level Workers, by - B. B. Patel. A. 0. Kher and V. D. Suryavanshi
22 Technological Constraints in Effective Implementation of Integrated Watershed Technology, by - Arivind Prakash Upadhyay and S. J. lntodia
23 Participation of Rural Women in Crophusbandry, by - K. R. Paralikar and S. R. Mahanty
24 Cognitive Access of Men and Women Regarding Modem Animal Husbandry Practices in Rural Haryana, by - S. K. Varma and V. Jain
25 Influence of Selected Variables on Adoption of lowar Technology by Farmers in Both the Districts, by - R. N. Dikle and B. S. Mahajan
Research Notes:
26 Training Need Hierarchy of Village Level Workers, by - B. B. Patel, A. 0. Kher and V D. Suryavanshi
27 Prediction of Reading Behaviour of Farmer Readers, by - P. M. Rakholia, M. N. Popat and M. A. Munshi
28 Knowledege and Adoption Level of the Tribal Farmers About Maize Production Technology, by - D. J. Desai and K. A. Thakkar
29 Perents Attitude Towards Birth and Early Marriage of Girls, by - K. A. Thakkar and G. J. Patel
30 Knowledge and Adoption of Soil Analysis Practices By the Farmers of Banaskantha· District of Gujarat State, by - N. V Chaudhari, M. R. Prajapati, N. H. Desai and M. C. Soni
31 Facto!s Associated With Knowledge and Adoption of Soybean Technology, by - M. M. Patel, K. K. Shahi and S. B. Nahatkar
32 Study of Cropping Pattern and Level of Yield of Major Crops of the Farmers in Kheda District, by - M. R. Bhatt and J. C. Trivedi
33 Factors Affecting Communication Behaviour of The Contact Farmers Selected Under T & V System, by - V. J. Savaliya and M. N. Papat
34 Sway of Selected Factors on Change in Socio-economic conditions of the Dairy Farmers, by - V. G. Shinde, R. R. Kulkarni and R. N. Dikle
35 Factors Affecting Adoption of Modem Practices of Maize and Animal Husbandry of Large Farmers, by - N. B. Chauhan and 0. S. Rathare
36 Follow up of Training Programmes Organised by Sardar Smruti Kendra, by - K M. Patel and V. V. Mayani
37 Role Perception and Role Performance of the Contact Fanners, by - R. B. Patel and K A. Thakkar
38 Rural Women's Knowledge About Animal Husbandry Practices, by - K A. Thakkar and G. J. Patel
39 Employment Pattelll of the Tribal People of Banaskantha District of Gujarat State, by - P. N. Patel and K A. Thakkar
40 Multiple Regression Analysis of Selected Characteristics of Drip Adopters and Extent of Adoption of Drip Irrigation System by them, by - V. M. Chaudhari and M. C. Soni
41 Impression of Visiting Farmers About the "Krushi Mela", by - R. H. Patel and B. B. Patel
42 Impact of Farmers Training Centre on Knowledge, Adoption and Diffusion of Improved farm Parctices, by - KK Shrivasta, L. S. Bareth and.J. D. Sarkar
43 Effective Teaching Methods for Under Graduate and Post-graduate Level of Education, by - R. B. Patel
44 Direct and Indirect Effects of Some Independent Variables on thc job Effectiveness of Village Extension Officers (VEOs), by - M. Srinivasulu Reddy and K. A. Jayaramaiah
45 Role of Employment Level in Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Inland Fishellllen, by - B. M. Patel and R. D. Pandra
46 Differential lnformation Gaps at Various Levels Under T&V System, by - 0. D. Vanparia, A. 0. Kher. and R. S. Vekaria
47 Content Analysis of Questions Appeared in farm Magazines, by - G. J. Parel, K A. Thakkar, and B. T. Patel

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