Gujarat Journal of Extension Education 1991-92 (Volume-2 & 3)

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Sr. No. Title & Author
1 A Study of Cropping Pattern Followed by Tribal Farmers of Panchmahals District in Gujarat, by - J.C. Trivedi and H.N. Patel
2 Attitude of the Farmers Towards Farm Telecast, by - J.K. Patel and V.D. Suryavanshi
3 Success of Social Forestry Programme at Community Level, by - V.D. Jashi
4 Parent's Opinion About Girls' Education, by - K.A. Thakkar,K.D. Salanki, M.C. Sani, N.V. Chaudhary, M.A. Munshi and B.T. Patel
5 Adoption of Selected Cotton Crop Production Technology by the Tribals, by - P.P. Patel and G.K. Sangle
6 Constraints faced by Rural Youth while Participating in the Rural Development Activities, by - M.C. Sani and G.G. Nandapurkar
7 Influence of Selected Variables on Communication Behaviour of contact farmers, by - M.N. Papat and V.J. Savaliya
8 ImpactofTransferofAgro-Technology onFertilizer Consumption in Gujarat, by - R.L. Shiyani, J.K. Patel, P.R. Vaishnav and N.M. Patel
9 A Study of Awareness and Listening Habits of Members of Khedut-Charcha mandals about Akashwani Khedut MandaI Programmes, by - C.S. Patel and H.N. Patel
10 Role Performance of the Rural Women in Farm Management, by - P.M. Parekh, D.N. Pandya and R.S. Vekaria
11 Motivational Sources for Joining correspondance Course on Scientific Wheat Cultivation, by - K.D. Solanki, D.N.Pandya, B.T. Patel and K.A. Thakkar
12 A Readership Pattern and Effectiveness of farm Magazine KRUSHI-GO-VIDYA, by - B.K. Patel and B.T. Patel
13 Impact of Training and Visit system among the farmers of South Gujarat, by - R.B. Patel and D.N. Pandya
14 Scale to measure Attitude of MOs towards Selected Components of "T and V" system, by - L.S. Bareth and S.L. Intodia
15 Role Expectation and Role Performance of Subject Matter Specialist for Information and Training With respect to use of Audio-Visual Aids in T & V System of Karnataka, by - K.Jagadeeshwara and K.T. Ramachandra
16 Communication Behaviour of Tibal Contact FarmersSelected under Training and Visit system of Extension Education, by - K.A. Girase, B.R. Desai and P.G. Pati!o
17 Knowledge Level of the farmers about Rainfed farming Technology, by - A. Saxena, S.S. Shekhawat, M.S. Chauhan and N.B. Chauhan
18 Sway of Selected factors on Scientific Productivity of Academicians, by - M.M. Padheria and R.R. kulkarni
19 Use of Information Sources at Different Stages of Innovation Decision process, by - P.P. Patel, G.K. SangIe and R.R. Kulkarni
20 Adoption of Niger production by the tribals of Dangs, by - R.F. Thakor and S.K. Waghmare
21 Constraints faced in Adoption of Social Forestry Technology by Tribal and Non-Tribal members of Farm Forestry Co-operative Societies, by - S.S. Shekhawat, M.S. Chouhan and N.B. Chauhan
22 Storage and marketing Patterns of Field and Riverbed Potato Growers of Deesa Taluka of Gujarat State, by - S.A. Patel and B.T. patel
23 Job Satisfaction of Women Employees, by - Mrs. Susan Jacob
24 Constraints faced by the Village Level workers working under the Training and Visit System, by - B.P. Vasoya and K.G. Halyal
25 Utilization Pattern of FaCilities provided under Integrated Rural Development Programme, by - Y.S. Trivedi and D.H. Dave
26 Constraints affecting Livestock Development in Southern Rajasthan, by - F.L. Sharma and S.L. Intodia
27 Use of Audio-Visual Aids bySubject Matter Specialists for Information and Training in T & V System of Kamataka, by - K. Jagadeeshwara and K.T. Ramachandra
28 Impact of Milk Producers' Co-operative Society on the marketed surplus of Milk and Adoption of the improved Animal Husbandry practices, by - S.J. Solanki and J.e. Trivedi
29 Measurement of value Orientation of Rural farm Women, by - P.M. Parekh and D.N. Pandya
30 Knowledge of Young Tribal Farmers about Maize Production technology, by - R.R. Patel, D.N. Pandya and K.A. Thakkar
31 Impact of Lab to Land Programme on Farmer's Knowledge in South Gujarat, by - B.S. Patel and R.B. Patel
Research Notes:
32 Knowledge Level of Contact and Non-contact farmers regarding recommended Gram production Technology, by - N.M. lIasaria and M.e. Soni
33 Extent of Adoption of Summer Groundnut Production Technology, by - B.L. Parmer and-M.e. Soni
34 A study on Adoption of Hybrid-6 Cotton Cultivation Technology, by - N.B. Patel, K.F. Patel and K.A. Thakkar
35 Constraints in Adoption of Hybrid-6 Cotton in Sabarkantha District of Gujarat, by - M.S. Trivedi, Ashok K. Gupta, B.T. Patel and K.M. Patel
36 Training needs of Rice Farmers from Konkan Region of Maharashtra State, by - P.G. Mehta, D.P. Hardikar, A.J. Nirban and J.K. Kolpe
37 Knowledge Level of SMSs (Agromony) regarding Agronomic practices in Wheat Crop in Haryana State, by - Ashok K. Gupta and H.L. Patel
38 An Analysis of Monthly Workshop of Subject matter specialists conducted by Gujarat Agricultural University, by - Ashok K. Gupta and B.T. Patel
39 Motivating factors for introducing Cumin Crop as expressed by the Cumin Growers, by - C.P. Desai and D.N. Pandya
40 Constraints faced by the tribal Women in performing their Multidimension Roles, by - N.V. Chaudhari and S.K. Waghmare.
41 A Study on Job-satisfaction of Teachers of GAU, by - C.P. Malik and H.L. patel
42 Factors Affecting the Adoption of Gobar-Gas Plant, by - R.D. Pandya and J.C. Trivedi
43 Influence of Psychological factors on Input use Behaviour of the Farmers in Irrigated Farming, by - R.S. Vekaria and B.P. Patel
44 Techno-economics of control of Foot and Mouth Disease in Crossbred Cattle, by - P.R. Patel and N. Adinarayanan
45 Attitude of the Under-GraduateStudents towards strike, by - Arun A. patel and M.N. Popat
46 Chiku Grower's knowledge and Adoption, by - P.O. Naik, R.S. Vekaria and P.M. Parekh

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