Gujarat Journal of Extension Education 1993-94 (Volume-4 & 5)

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Sr. No. Title & Author
1 Sway of selected Factors on Availment of Benefits of Dairy Development Programmes by Farmers, by - V.G. Shinde, R.R. Kulkarni and R.N. Dikle
2 Farmers reading behaviour of farm Literature, by - M G. Chavda and D.H. Dave
3 Teachers' Problems, Attitude and output Related to Research in Agricultural Universities of India, by - A Chandra and G. Goyal
4 Training Methods for Extension Personnel, by - R.B.Patel and D.N.Pandya
5 Credibility of Information sources as Perceived by Trained and Untrained Farmers, by - G.M.Patel and R.A.Gaur
6 Impact of Training on Knowledge and Adoption Of Farmers, by - M.S. Trivedi and B. T. Patel
7 Occupational Aspects of Katkari Community, by - A.J. Nirban, D.P. Hardikar, S.M Sawant and P.G. Mehta
8 Sources of Information in the Adoption of Improved Maize cultivation Practices, by - F.L.Sharma
9 Influence of Psychological Characteristics on Rice Production, by - R.D.Pandya, R.S. Vekaria and D.K.Patel
10 Participation in Rural Development Activities by Rural youth of Deesa Taluka of Banaskantha District, by - N. V. Chaudhari, MC. Soni, A.A Patel, K.D. Solanki and N.H. Desai
11 Gap Between Role Perception and Role Performance of Formal Leaders, by - D. T. Bhagiya, H.C. Naik and R.D. Pandya
12 Techno-economic Developments consequent upon Adoption of Selected Agricultural Practices in Tribal farming System, by - P.P. Patel and G.K. Sangle
13 Constraints in Adoption of Recommended Summer Groundnut Production Technology, by - B.L. Parmar and M.C. Soni
14 Adoption of New Agricultural Technology by Beneficiary Farmers in Watershed Area, by - N.R.Patel, D.N.Pandya and J.C. Trivedi
15 Effectiveness of "Krushi-Go-vidya" Magazine as Perceived by Farmer Readers, by - N.D. Bharad and J.C. Trivedi
16 Barriers for Choosing Agriculture as a Profession by the Agricultural Graduates, by - M.C. Soni, N. V. Chaudhary, D.J. Patel and N.H. Desai
17 A scale to Measure Attitude of Farmers towards Social Forestry Programme, by - M.R. Prajapati and J.C. Trivedi
18 Relationship between selected Characteristics of the Sericulturists and their Extent of Adoption of Sericultu re Practices B.C. Naik, J.C. Trivedi and R.D. Pandya
19 Factors Associated with Repayment Behaviour of crop Loan Users, by - M.M. Patel, OK Pande and S.B. Nahatker
20 Sway of selected Factors on cropping Intensity of Farmers of Progressive and Less Progressive Districts, by - R.N. Dikle and B.S. Mahajan
21 Strategy to Increase the Adoption of watershed Technology in Rainfed Areas, by - A.P. Upadhyay and S.L. Intodia
22 Information Flow Pattern of Livestock Development Officers: A System Analysis, by - T.R. Nikam and Rekha Bhagat
23 Adoption of Groundnut Technology by the Farmers, by - N.D. Deshmukh, B.S. Mahajan and R.N. Dikle
24 Factors Affecting Mass Media Exposure and Attitude Towards Modern Agricultural Practices of small Peasants, by - N.B. Chauhan, B.B. Patel, J.G. Patel and M.L. Sharma
25 Scale to Measure Grower's Adoption about Dry Farming Technology of Groundnut, by - V. V. Mayani and K. G. Halyal
26 Socio-economic Impact of watershed Management Project-A case study of Naranka Village, by - V. V. Mayani
27 A scale to Measure Research Management Ability of the Research Scientists Working as Head, by - A. A. Patel, M.R. Prajapati and H.L Patel
28 A Test to Measure Farmer's Knowledge about Social Forestry Programme, by - M.R. Prajapati and J.C. Trivedi
29 A study on Preferences, Expectations and suggestions of the Farmers regarding News Papers, by - K.F. Patel, N.B. Chauhan, B.B. Patel and J.G. Patel
Research Notes:
30 Impact of Dairy co-operative on knowledge and Adoption of Milk Producers, by - H. U. Vyas and H. C. Naik
31 Impact of Farmer's Fair on Adoption Behaviour of farmers in South Gujarat, by - R.B. Patel and D.N. Pandya
32 Knowledge Level of Farmers about social Forestry, by - Shailesh Shukla and V.D. Suryavanshi
33 Role of Women in Agriculture, by - Usha B. Shah and M. M. Padheria
34 Image and Attitude of training institute as perceived by its clientale, by - J.P. Bhatt and R.B.Patel
35 Involvement of Farm women in Agriculture, by - R.F. Thakor and K.F. Patel
36 Factors Associated with Extent of Adoption of Niger Production Technology, by - R.F. Thakor and S.K. Waghmare
37 Farmers Knowledge and their Adoption of Improved Irrigation water Managment Practices, by - C. K. Timbadia, R. S. Vekaria and R. D. Pandya
38 Knowledge of Kharif Rice Growers regarding Weedicide Practices, by - K. M Padhi, G. M Patel and J. C. Trivedi
39 Readership pattern of Krushi-Go-Vidya, by - K. M. Joshi and P. M Parekh
40 Knowledge level of Kharif Rice Growers regarding Plant Protection Practices, by - D.S. Deshwal, G.M Patel and J.C. Trivedi
41 Knowledge level of the Farmers getting above and Below state Average yield regarding Castor Production Technology, by - S. M Patel, D. N. Pandya and B. T. Patel
42 Food Habits, Consumption Pattern and Storage Practices followed by Rural Families, by - G. J. Patel and K. A. Thakkar
43 Training Needs of Banana Growers of Kheda District of Gujarat State, by - Talati Jayesh
44 Credit Orientation of Progressive and Non-Progressive Farmers, by - B. P. Patel and R. B. Patel
45 Participation and Time Spent by Trial Farm women in Agriculture and House hold Activities, by - Usha B. Shah, A C. Patel and P. T. Patel
46 Impact of Training on knowledge and Attitude towards Improved Rice Prodution Technology, by - G. L. Tandel, P. M. Parekh and R. O. Pandya
47 Technological Gap between Contact and Non-contact Farmers in Gram production Technology, by - N. M. Illasaria and M. C. Soni
48 Role of Expectation of Rural women in Farm Managment, by - P. M. Parekh, O. N. Pandya and R. S. Vekaria
49 Indigenous Practies of Tribals in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry in Khedbrahma Taluka of Sabarkantha District of Gujarat, by - B. T. Patel, M. S. Trivedi and K. O. Solanki
50 Wheat Growers characteristics associated with the Constraints in Adoption of Rainfed wheat Technology, by - A.B.Mundhwa and H. L. Patel
51 A study on Technological Gap in Maize Production Among Tribal Farmers, by - D. J. Desai and K. A. Thakkar
52 Knowledge level of Rural Women About Child Care Practices, by - G. J. Patel, K A Thakkar and S. K. Ahlavat
53 A Study of Constraints and Adoption of Gobar-gas Technology, by - O. A. Patel and B. T. Patel
54 General Functioning of Khedut Charcha Mandals (KCMS) Organised by Farmer's Training Centre (FTC) in Kheda District of Gujarat State, by - C. S. Patel and H. N. Patel
55 A Study on Awareness and Attitude of Milk Producers towards Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Services Provided by AMUL, by - H. L. Patel and N. R. Patel

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