Gujarat Journal of Extension Education (ISSN 2322-0678)


Authors: G. N. Thorat and U. M. Patel

Publisher: Society of Extension Education Gujarat

Keywords: migration, tribal, employment, opportunity, pull and push factor

Volume: 33

Issue: 1

Year: June 2022


Abstract: Migration is a part of the process of development as people search for better employment opportunities within and across countries. In Gujarat migration is not a new phenomenon, not just a post globalization phenomenon. The present study was conducted with an objective to study migration behavior of tribal families of Dahod district of Gujarat state. Interview schedule was prepared in light of the objectives and the data was collected through personal interview method. Ex-post facto design of social research and statistical tools like frequency, percentage and migration index were used for the present study. Majority of the head of the tribal families were middle aged group, illiterate, having medium size of family, belonged to joint family and possessed pakka house. Tribal families were migrate three times in a year and only one member made migration from the families with an average 121 to 180 days duration of migrates. Great majority of the tribal families were migrate from rural to urban and mostly within state due to lack of employment opportunities and low wages in tribal area. They availed the work opportunities at construction site and as a tenant farmer on a seasonal base with fixed proportion of share in production.

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