Gujarat Journal of Extension Education (ISSN 2322-0678)


Authors: Dileep Kumar Jatav1, Shobhana Gupta2 and Hansraj Jatav3

Publisher: Society of Extension Education Gujarat

Keywords: agri-enterprise, awareness, rural youth, village

Volume: 35

Issue: 1

Year: June 2023


Abstract: The present study, Morena District was purposefully selected as it has maximum number of rural youth in entire Chambal Division. On the basis of research problem and objects descriptive with survey research design were used for this investigation. Multistage sampling technique was used for the selection of study. Village wise list was prepared which were running the agri-enterprise with the help of RAEO and ATMA project officer. From the prepared list of villages, 10 villages (Hatipura, Nepari, Kirawalijadid, Rajpura jagir, Rithoniya, Antari, Dipera, Malibajana, Jarena, and Kurroli) were selected with the help of simple random sampling. In the final stage 10 rural youth from each village was picked up with the help of simple random sampling. Thus, the sample comprise of 100 rural youth as respondents. Traditionally, farmers are ignorant of scientific agriculture and effective agri management systems. Thus, they are unable to deal with delayed monsoons, drought, crop debts, fake seeds and shortage of fertilizer, as a result opt to commit suicide. Hence, the managerial, technical, and innovative skills of entrepreneurship applied in the field of agriculture may build a well-trained agri-entrepreneur who becomes a role model to all such depressed farmers. Agri-entrepreneurship has the prospect of social and economic development, for example-employment generation, poverty reduction, improvements in nutrition, health, and overall food security in the national economy, especially in rural areas. In the face of growing unemployment and poverty in rural areas, there is the urgency of entrepreneurship in agriculture for more productivity and profitability of rural youth.

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