Gujarat Journal of Extension Education (ISSN 2322-0678)


Authors: Arti N. Soni, A. J. Dhodia and C. D. Pandya

Publisher: Society of Extension Education Gujarat

Keywords: Sickle cell anemia, Knowledge, Sickle cell trait, Sickle cell disease, Tribal women, Haemoglobin, Red Blood Cell, Social participation, Medical consultancy

Volume: 34

Issue: 2

Year: December 2022


Abstract: Sickle cell anemia is wide spread among tribal communities in India. A high prevalence of the sickle gene has been demonstrated in various tribal communities of Gujarat state. Tapi is tribal dominated district. The patient suffering from sickle cell anemia develops blood related complication and sickle cell disease sufferers have also shortened lifespan and poor quality of life. So to combat against this disease we need to focus on tribal population. Knowledge plays an important role for achieving desired results. Thus, the study was carried out to assess the knowledge of tribal women towards sickle cell anemia. The data was collected purposively with 100 tribal women who have positive sickle cell status. The data was collected with the help of structured interview schedule and analyzed with appropriate statistical tools. It is indicated that majority of tribal women had young aged, sickle cell trait status, married, in joint family, more than half of tribal women had education upto higher secondary level & 36.00 per cent tribal women were illiterate. Nearly half of tribal women had no any type of social participation. Majority of tribal women were not taking medical consultancy and low level of knowledge about sickle cell anemia.

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