Gujarat Journal of Extension Education 2021 (Volume-32, Issue-II)

Sr. No. Title & Author
1 A scale to measure the attitude of farmers towards PM-Kisan scheme, by - Misari Joshi and J. B. Patel
2 Constraints faced by smallholder farmers in farming in Makurdi area of Benue state of Nigeria, by - G. O. John, U. D. Omede and B. N. Kalsariya
3 Association between the profile and their role assessment of scientists working in krushi vigyan kendras, by - Rahul Dundesh Bellagi,H. B. Patel and Chethan Patil N D
4 Impact of training on adoption level of rose growers regarding rose production technology, by - A. B. Parmar and P. C. Patel
5 Effect of frontline demonstrations on knowledge and adoption level of maize farmers, by - D. M. Rathod, C. B. Damor and K. H. Patel
6 Development of knowledge test to measure the level of knowledge of member farmers of gram panchayat about Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, by - C. D. Chauhan and J. B. Patel
7 Attitude of farmers towards DDkisan channel, by - Krishna J. Parmar, Hemlata Saini and Sameer Saba
8 Farmers socio-econimic status and constraints using social media for sustainable agriculture development, by - Pratik K. Pateland Vinaya Kumar H. M.
9 Knowledge and adoption behavior of soybean growers, by - H. K. Desai, G. J. Patel and E. H. Pandya
10 Knowledge level of FLDand non FLD farmers about castor production technology, by - D. M. Kakkad, G. R. Patel and S. R. Patel
11 Poverty and its determinants in tribal and non-tribal area, by - Jignesh Macwan and Y. C. Zala
12 Antecedents of leadership behaviour of women sarpanch under panchayati raj system, by - Nikita Thakor and J. K. Patel
13 Technology gap assessment and productivity gain through front line demonstrations in greengram, by - Shaukat Ali and Balbir Singh
14 Attitude of agricultural students towards student-ready programme in generating employability, by - Samreen Saba, Hemlata Saini and Krishna J. Parmar
15 Perception of tribal farmers about backyard poultry farming, by - G. K. Bhabhor, R. Radha Rani and N. D. Makwana
16 Role of women dairy cooperative societies on income and employment of women, by - Rachana Kumari Bansaland A. S. Shaikh
17 Factors affecting knowledge about e-extension amongst the postgraduate scholars of agricultural extension and communication, by - N.M. Vegad and N. B. Chauhan and Vinaya Kumar H. M.
18 Adoption level of crisis management practices of castor growers, by - B. H. Tavethiya, V. J. Savaliya and S. R. Kumbhani
19 Path analysis showing the effects of the profile of ATMA beneficiary farmers and their perceived effectiveness of ATMA, by - P. P. Kharade and J. K. Patel
20 Correlation between profile and knowledge level of farmers about global warming effect on agricultural sectors, by - Neha Parikh and N. M. Chauhan
21 Relational analysis of profile of farmers and their attitude towards integrated farming system, by - S. B. Borade, K. S. Thorat and J. M. Deshmukh
22 Evaluating the pesticidal efficacy of lantana camaraand eucalyptus grandis against prostephanus truncatus(horn.) in stored maize grain in Zimbabwe, by - Upenyu Ndoro and Elvis Munetsi
23 Socio economic profile of the horse owners, by - A. C. Vaidya, B. R. Barasara and G. M. Chaudhari
24 Knowledge about fall army worm among maize growers, by - J. K. Patel, V. T. Pateland H. D. Dodiya
25 Association between characteristics of potato growers and knowledge of potato production technology, by - K. N. Raval, J. K. Patel and H. A. Patel
26 Financial inclusion of farmers, by - S. M. Trivedi, J. D. Bhatt and N. M. Thaker
27 An economic analysis of cabbage production, by - Harsh Patel, R. S. Pundir and Jignesh Macwan
28 Relationship between characteristics of SHG members and their group dynamics effectiveness index, by - Chethan Patil N. D., J. K. Patel and Rahul Dundesh Bellagi
29 Role of farm women in decision making pattern towards animal husbandry practices, by - Kiran Chandravadia, M. K. Bariya and Sandip Kumbhani
30 Knowledge of the employees about ICTs apparatus for exploring agricultural information, by - Rajesh M. Bhuva, G. R. Patel and S. R. Kumbhani
31 The present status of Maharashtra’s group farming scheme, by - M. V. Ajotikar, J. P. Walke and V. J. Tarde
32 Web tool for location specific rainfall data extraction and analysis, by - G. J. Kamani, R. S. Parmar and Y. R. Ghodasara
33 Organic farming technologies in elephant foot yam, by - Himani B. Patel, S. N. Saravaiya and K. D. Desai
34 Factors affecting knowledge level of chickpea growers about recommended chickpea production technology, by - K. D. Tankodara, G. R. Gohil and P. K. Sharma
35 Accelerating the chickpea productivity through suitable technological interventions, by - A. K. Rai, Raj Kumar and Kanak Lata
36 Assessment of knowledge and adoption of crop production technology of chickpea, by - M.C. Ahire, S.H. Ban and D.N. Pharate
37 Machine learning models for productivity trend of rice crop, by - G. J. Kamani, R. S. Parmar and Y. R. Ghodasara
38 Evaluation of certificate programme on agricultural extension services for the empowerment of input dealers, by - Aneeesha S., V. T. Patel and D. Y. Patel
39 Effect of front line demonstrations of soybean on soybean growers, by - H. K. Desai, G. J. Patel and A. Y. Makani
40 Predictable characteristics of young dairy farmers in shaping their animal husbandry workability, by - Mahammad Shafi R. SK., N. B. Chauhan and Vinaya Kumar H. M.
41 Analysis of costs and returns in mulberry and cocoon production among the sericulturists, by - Muzafar Ahmad Bhat, Farzana Kouser and Suraksha Chanotra
42 Impact of training on attitude of the trainee farmers about integrated pest management, by - P. C. Patel, J. D. Desai and S. A. Sipai

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