Gujarat Journal of Extension Education 2021 (Volume-32, Issue-I)

Sr. No. Title & Author
1 A scale to measure dairy farmers awareness about climate change issues and its variability, by - R. S. Ghasura, Durga Rani V. and Rana Ranjit Singh
2 Influence of smallholder farmers’ specific characteristics on food security status in Makurdi local government area of Benue state Nigeria, by - G. O. John, U. D. Omede and B. N. Kalsariya
3 Impact of training programmes on enhancement of knowledge and skill of agriculture extension functionaries, by - Sheema khan, Quadri Javeed Ahmad Peer and Kaiser M. Malik
4 Knowledge and adoption of recommended scientific practices of castor growers about castor cultivation, by - C. B. Damor, D.M.Rathod and C. D. Chauhan
5 Relationship between profile and knowlegde level of member farmers of gram panchayat about Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, by - C. D. Chauhan and J. B. Patel
6 Purchasing behaviour of farmers towards herbicides for soybean crop, by - S. P. Padaliya, R. K. Ramoliyaand R. S. Pundir
7 Attitude of farmers towards adopted different cropping systems, by - Payal R. Patel and H. U. Vyas
8 Development of a scale to measure the attitude of extension personnel towards e-extension, by - Yeragorla Venkata Harikrishna, J. B. Patel and Vinaya Kumar, H. M.
9 Utilization of smartphone applications by farmers in agriculture, by - Ravikumar Chaudhari, J. B. Patel and P. C. Patel
10 Impact of frontline demonstrations on transfer of technology for management of chickpea pod borer, by - Shakti Khajuria, A. K. Rai and Raj Kumar
11 Sway to selected factors for leadership behaviour of women sarpanch under panchayati raj system, by - Nikita Thakor and J. K. Patel
12 Adoption of climate resilient technologies by farmers, by - Yeragorla Venkata Harikrishna and Seema Naberia
13 Adoption of recommended wheat production technology by wheat growers under seed village programme, by - G. K. Bhabhor and N. D. Makwana
14 An analysis of students’ perception and usage of social media in agriculture, by - G. Jaya, S. B. Ramya Lakshmi and G. Dileep Kumar
15 Development of scale to measure the attitude of farmers towards i-khedut portal, by - Rupal Asari, M. R. Patel and Meenu Maheswaran
16 Viewing behaviour of farmers towards DDKisan channel, by - Krishna J. Parmar, H. Saini and Samreen Saba
17 Factors responsible to form attitude of the postgraduate scholars of agricultural extension and communion towards extension, by - N.M. Vegad and N. B. Chauhan and Vinaya Kumar H. M.
18 Knowledge about artificial insemination in milch animals amongst the dairy farmers, by - G. N. Thorat and K. N. Wadhwani
19 Relationship between profile of ATMA beneficiary farmers and their perceived effectiveness of ATMA, by - P. P. Kharade and J. K. Patel
20 Economic impact of onion research on farmers economy, by - C. M. Gulave, R. S. Nirpal and B. S. Kakad
21 Effect of conventional and non-conventional chemicals to prevent bunch compactness of Thompson seedless grape, by - Mohammad Gulab Omari and Mohammad Umar Abid
22 Attitude of farmers towards i-khedut portal, by - Rupal Asari, M. R. Patel and Meenu Maheswaran
23 A study on chemically induced loose bunch production in Thompson seedless grape, by - Mohammad Gulab Omari and Mohammad Umar Abid
24 Impact of training on knowledge level of rose growers about rose production technology, by - A. B. Parmar, P. C. Patel and A. C. Vaidya
25 Growth and decomposition analysis of area, production and yield of soybean, by - Prinyanka Parmar and Ganga Devi
26 Backward and forward linkage of the potato growers with different system, by - K. N. Raval, J. K. Patel and R. H. Gajera
27 Level of information regarding soil health card among the farmers, by - K. K. Yadav, N. M. Thaker and J. D. Bhatt
28 Assessment of food and nutritional security status of farm women, by - P. Y. Shinde, S. B. Bhange and S. H. Ban
29 Random forest and regression analysis for attitude of research scholars towards internet exposure, by - R. S. Parmar, N. M. Vegad, and M. P. Raj
30 Role of self help groups on health empowerment of women, by - Minaxi Bariya, Kiran Chandravadia and Hansa Patel
31 An analysis of socio-personal characteristics of strawberry growers, by - Tabina, Syed Shafat Kubrevi and Sajad Saraf
32 Relationship between profile of scholars pursuing post graduation in agricultural extension and their overall e-extension employability using regression machine learning algorithms, by - N. M. Vegad, R. S. Parmar and Y. R. Ghodasara
33 Staking banana yields and quality: A case study of the Jachak pattern, by - G. P.Chavan and M.V.Ajotikar
34 Knowledge of the green gram growers towards recommended green gram production technology, by - V. B. Paradva,Mukesh R. Patel and P. C. Patel
35 Relationship between the profile of the inland fish farmers and training needs in inland fish farming, by - R. G. Makwanaand M. R. Bhatt
36 Knowledge of cotton growers about integrated pest management, by - Y. H. Rathwa, B. C. Bochalya and S. Y. Reddy
37 Impact of front line demonstrations in transfer of pigeonpea production technology in semi arid region, by - A. K. Rai, Shakti Khajuria and Kanak Lata
38 A scale for measuring the agricultural modernization of the tribal farmers, by - A. C. Jatapara,K. A. Thakkar and K. M. Parmar
39 Prevalence of malnutrition in school children, by - Gayatree Jadeja
40 Correlates of utilization pattern of Kisan Mobile Advisory Service, by - K. V. Patil and V. T. Patel
41 Training needs of tribal farmers in agriculture, by - H. K. Desai, G. J. Patel and A. Y. Makani
42 Sericulture as an important agro-enterprise for the marginal farmers, by - Suraksha Chanotra Sapna Deviand Muzafar Ahmad Bhat
43 Responsible factors to encourage dairy farmers’ sons to avail training on animal husbandry, by - Mahammad Shafi R. Sk., N. B. Chauhan and Vinaya Kumar H. M.
44 Awareness about MPKV recommended rabi onion practices by the onion growers, by - V. J. Tarde, Jyoti Walke and H. P. Sonawane
45 Impact of training on knowledge of the trainee farmers about integrated pest management, by - P. C. Patel, R. K. Thumar and Meeral Suthar
46 Path analysis of socio-economic impact of MNREGAon beneficiaries, by - K. M. Parmar, M .R. Prajapati and A. C. Jatapara
47 Impact of planting distance on yield of cauliflower under semi arid condition, by - Raj Kumar, A. K. Rai and K. Lata
48 Relational analysis of profile of chilli growers and technological gap, by - R. B. Pendam, K.S. Thoratand R. A. Patil

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