Gujarat Journal of Extension Education 2020 (Volume-31, Issue-II)

Sr. No. Title & Author
1 Development of scale to measure attitude of agricultural students towards agricultural journalism, by - Juli M. Patel, J. B. Patel and P. C. Patel
2 Impact of frontline demonstration on mustard through improved production technology under renfed condition, by - A. K. Rai, Raj Kumar and Kanak Lata
3 Prevalence of undernutrition among school going children of urban poor area, by - Shraddha Kapadiya and Ayushi Saini
4 Knowledge of farmers towards Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, by - Aneri Tankiwala and Netravathi G.
5 Knowledge and adoption of kitchen gardening by urban women, by - Gita J. Bhimani, M. K. Bariya and Bhakti B. Panchal
6 Impact of co-operative societies on sapota marketing, by - S. R. Dahima and V. M. Thumar
7 Documentation of integrated farming systems models in Maharashtra : an approach to boost up family income, by - H. P. Sonawane, V. J. Tarde and J. P. Walke
8 Marketing of turmeric production in middle Gujarat, by - Ganga Devi
9 Knowledge of trained maize farmers about recommended maize production technology, by - D. M. Rathod, C. B. Damor and K. H. Patel
10 Attitude of farmers’ sons towards permanently working in rural area, by - K. D. Khatri and N. B. Chauhan
11 Constraints in adoption of recommended plant protection practices in groundnut and cotton crops, by - A. D. Sardhara, N. B. Jadav and P. H. Zala
12 Women’s empowerment and nutritional status of their children in rural and semi urban area, by - G. R Jadeja, H. H. Chawda and J. K. Patel
13 Knowledge and attitude of self help group members towards micro finance, by - J. B. Dobariya, M. D. LAD and S. D. Kavad
14 Planting material and soil health related risk management practices adopted by the ginger growers, by - S. H. Ban, J. B. Patel and Raj C. Popat
15 Constraints faced by the farmers about use of smartphone applications in agriculture, by - Ravikumar Chaudhari, D. D. Patel and K. G. Khadayata
16 Association between profile of the post-graduate students and their entrepreneurial competency level, by - P. H. Patel, J. K. Pateland K. V. Mashaliya
17 Attitude of dairy farmers towards indigenows and exetic dairy breeds of cattle, by - J. K. Patel, H. A. Patel and D. V. Parmar
18 Women empowerment through milk producers cooperative societies, by - N. M. Thaker, J. D. Bhatt and S. M. Trivedi
19 Constraints faced by the green gram growers in adoption of recommended green gram production technology, by - S. R. Salunkhe, Nital N. Patel and C. K. Timbadia
20 Knowledge level of farmers regarding supplementary feeding of mineral mixture to milking animals, by - B. L. Dhayal and B. M. Mehta
21 Knowledge of recommended production technology of banana growers, by - Archana S. Patel, S. R. Salunkhe and V. G. Tala
22 Constraints faced by the potato growers in adoption of micro irrigation technology, by - K. V. Mashaliya, R. R. Prajapati and P. H. Patel
23 Characteristics of SHG members in relation to entrepreneurial activities, by - Nidhi, B. N. Kalsariya and N. J. Rankja
24 Participation of tribal women in agriculture production, by - Kiran chandravadia, Minaxi bariya and Sandip kumbhani
25 Relationship between profile and attitude of the member farmers of gram panchayat towards Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, by - C. D. Chauhan and J. B. Patel
26 Social and economic status of women vegetable vendors, by - S. M. Trivedi, J. D. Bhatt and C. R. Bharodia
27 Decision making ability of farmwomen in agricultural development, by - Nidhi B. Thakur and J. B. Patel
28 Perception of farmers about Gir Sawaj brand biofertilizers and biopesticides, by - J. P. Vanpariya, N. B. Jadav and T. D. Kapuriya
29 Attitude of farmers towards various activities of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, by - Ravi Chaudhari, M. R. Patel and P. J. Chaudhary
30 Association between personal profile and nutritional knowledge among SHGs women, by - Nital N. Patel, S. R. Salunkhe and C.K.Timbadia
31 Constraints faced by farmers in getting benefits from Krishi Vigyan Kendra, by - P. J. Chaudhary, M. R. Patel and V. J. Patel
32 Impact of Krishi Vigyan Kendra on knowledge of maize production technology, by - Ravi Chaudhari, M. R. Patel and V. J. Patel
33 Adoption of improved goat rearing practices by tribal farmers, by - V. M. Patel, J. J. Mistry and J. K. Patel
34 Relationship between profile of the farmers and their attitude towards Krishi Mahotsav, by - Jagadeeswari Boppana, J. B. Patel and Mahammad Shafi
35 Constraints faced by farm women while attending training at farmer training centre, Junagadh, by - Khushboo Bhati, B. N. Kalsariya and Jyothi P.
36 Farmers perception for improving the effectiveness of Krishi Jivan farm magazine, by - Krushnpalsinh I. Parmar and Vinaya Kumar HM
37 Usefulness of training programme for input dealers, by - M. R. Patel, K. G. Khadayata and J. D. Desai
38 Knowledge of dairy farmers towards improved animal husbandry practices, by - M. M. Tajpara, B. N. Kalsariya and V. P. Dadhania
39 Impact of training on symbolic adoption behavior of the trainee farmers about integrated weed management, by - J. D. Desai, P .C. Patel and H. B. Patel
40 Adoption level of farmers about cultivation practices in cucurbitaceous crops, by - S. A. Sipai, M. B. Zala and P. C. Patel
41 Assessement of the contributions of small holder farming to household food security in Makurdi local government area of Benue State Nigeria, by - G. O. John, U. D. Omede and B. N. Kalsariya
42 Constraints faced by the beneficiaries of National Food Security Mission programme in adoption of recommended pigeon pea production technology, by - S. K. Maheta and P. S. Gorfad
43 Factors affecting farm mechanization in rainfed area of western Maharashtra in India, by - Sandip D. Patil
44 Relationship between profile of the farmers and their perception towards technical capability of KVKscientists, by - Dhananjaya J. P., D. D. Patel and J. B. Patel

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