Gujarat Journal of Extension Education 2020 (Volume-31, Issue-I)

Sr. No. Title & Author
1 A scale to measure the attitude of member farmers of gram panchayat towards Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, by - C. D. Chauhan and J. B. Patel
2 Impact of front line demonstrations in transfer of groundnut production technology in semi arid region, by - A. K. Rai, S. Khajuriaand Kanak Lata
3 E-extension employability of scholars pursuing post graduation in agricultural extension in SAUs : using data mining techniques, by - N. M. Vegad, R. S. Parmar and N. B. Chauhan
4 Knowledge regarding food and nutrition among farm women, by - Gita J. Bhimani, M. K. Bariya and J. H. Rathod
5 Problems faced by farm women in the use of drudgery reduction equipments, by - Sunita Bairwa, S. R. Verma and K. Chayal
6 Readiness of postgraduate agricultural scholars to accept rural jobs, by - Elvis Munetsiand N. B. Chauhan
7 Impact of in-service training on knowledge of Anganwadi workers regarding anemia and nutritional kitchen gardening, by - Arti N. Soni, A. J. Dhodia and C. D. Pandya
8 Effect of urbanization on agriculture in peri-urban area of Kolhapur, by - Sadhana Unde, V. J. Tarde and H. P. Sonawne
9 Constraints faced by the dairy farmers in breeding, feeding and management practices, by - Poorva Matre, V. J. Tarde and H. P. Sonawane
10 Knowledge of the farmers’ sons about agriculture and related aspects, by - K. D. Khatri and N. B. Chauhan
11 Constraints faced by farmers in adoption of grain storage practices, by - S. G. Rathava, J. V. Chovatia and P. H. Patel
12 Adoption level of recommended paddy technologies among tribal farmers, by - V. K. Poshiya, M. V. Tiwari and P. D. Verma
13 Effect of carrot pomace powder on sensory, physicochemical and physical properties of fiber enriched bread, by - D. H. Patel, M. B. Kapopara and K. B. Kamaliya
14 Socio-economic characteristics of small holder farmers in Makurdi local government area of Benue State Nigeria, by - G. O. John, U. D. Omede and B. N. Kalsariya
15 Farmers’ perception to solar irrigation system for power self-sustenance in agriculture, by - V. M. Modi, N. N. Desai and Vinit Modi
16 Influence of different characters for developing attitude of dairy women towards animal husbandry activities, by - Yaksh Patel, J. K. Patel and Uttamkumar Baladaniya
17 Constraints faced by agricultural personnel in using e- agricultural portal, by - Neha Parikh and N. M. Chauhan
18 Perception of dairy farmers towards indigenous and exotic dairy breeds of cattle, by - J. K. Patel, H. A. Patel and D. V. Parmar
19 Knowledge and adoption of green gram gowers aboutgreen gram production technology, by - S. R. Salunkhe, Nital N. Patel and C. K.Timbadia
20 Constraints faced by the carrot growers in adoption of improved carrot production technology, by - P. B. Chaudhary, S. P. Pandyaand H. A. Chaudhari
21 Association between profile and attitude of rural artisans towards hereditary enterprise as an occupation, by - Helly Patel and N. M. Chauhan
22 Malnutrition problems in preschool children, by - Hemangi D. Mehta and D. A. Saradava
23 Knowledge of livestock farmers about various zoonotic diseases, by - I. N. Bhabhor, H. U. Vyas and N. R. Patel
24 Clean milk production practices adopted by tribal women, by - Kiran Chandravadia, M. K. Bariya and Bindu Christian
25 Relationship between profile of the students and their attitude towards agricultural journalism, by - Juli M. Patel, J. B. Patel and P. C. Patel
26 Relationship between decision making ability of farmwomen in family welfare and agricultural development with their profile, by - Nidhi B. Thakur and J. B. Patel
27 Relationship of technological gap in adoption of plant protection practices with socio-economic characteristics of cotton growers, by - A. D. Sardhara, N. B. Jadavand T. D. Kapuriya
28 Impact of krishi vigyan kendra on adoption of maize production technology, by - P. J. Chaudhary, M. R. Patel and Keyur Gardhariya
29 Farmers attitude toward use of smartphone for agricultural profession, by - Ravi Chaudhari, J. B. Patel and V. B. Paradva
30 Knowledge about Gir Sawaj brand biofertilizer among the users, by - J. P. Vanpariya, N. B. Jadav and P. H. Zala
31 Management practices adopted by ginger growers to cope with general adverse situation and marketing risks, by - S. H. Ban, J. B. Patel and A. B. Gaikwad
32 Attitude of farmers towards Krishi Mahotsav, by - Jagadeeswari Boppana and J. B. Patel
33 Training need assessment of cumin growers, by - R. C. Prajapati: R. R. Prajapati and K. S. Patel
34 Constraints faced by the indian bean farmers in adoption of recommended indian bean production technology, by - D. Y. Patel G. J. Patel and J. K. Patel
35 Application of climate resilient technologies in NICRA village of Rafala, by - M. M. Tajpara, B. N. Kalsariya and V. P. Dadhania
36 Farmers’ perception about Krishi Jivan farm magazine, by - Krushnpalsinh I. Parmar and Vinaya Kumar HM
37 Effectiveness of training programme for agri-input dealers, by - M. R. Patel, K. G. Khadayata and P.C. Patel
38 Impact of characteristics of woman research scholars on their knowledge of computer, by - B. M. Christian, N. B. Chauhan and Kiran Chandrawadiya
39 Impact of training on symbolic adoption behavior of the trainee farmers about integrated pest management, by - P .C. Patel, J. D. Desai and H. B. Patel
40 Perception of the farmers about the technological traits of paddy cultivar GAR-13, by - V. B. Patel, P. C. Pateland J. K. Patel
41 Knowledge of recommended production technology of mango growers, by - V. G. Tala, S. R. Salunkhe and Archana S.Patel
42 Knowledge of the farmers about banana production technology, by - Amita B. Parmar, G. G. Patel and P. C. Patel
43 Management efficiency of farm women in post harvest management of fruits and vegetables, by - Raziya I. Patel, B. N. Kalsariya and Diksha Sharma
44 Constraints faced by farmers in availing technical guidance from KVKscientists, by - J. P. Dhananjaya, D. D. Patel and J. B. Patel
45 Knowledge level of Gir Sawaj brand biopesticides and association with characteristics of users, by - J. P. Vanpariya, N. B. Jadav and T. D. Kapuriya
46 Constraints confronted by farmers in use of ICT tools, by - S. A. Sipai, K. G. Khadayata and P. C. Patel
47 Trammels faced by postgraduate students of Junagadh Agricultural University in using ICT services, by - Jyothi, P., B. N. Kalsariya and Khushboo Bhati
48 Migration behaviour of tribal youth, by - A. B. Gaikwad, M. G. Bhamare and S. H. Ban

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