Gujarat Journal of Extension Education 2019 (Volume-30, Issue-I)

Sr. No. Title & Author
1 Development of scale to measure the attitude of the postgraduate scholars towards e-extension employability, by - N. M. Vegad and N. B. Chauhan
2 Impact of training programme on knowledge regarding value addition by tribal farm women, by - V.K.Poshiya, R.D.Pandya and P. B. Khodifad
3 Mitigation practices followed by cotton growers to control pink bollworm, by - A. B. Gaikwad, S.D. Patil and B. A. Deshmukh
4 Adoption of health care management practices by tribal goat keepers, by - K. M. Joshi, H. K. Desai and D.A. Sadasaniya
5 Constraints perceived by young cotton growers in development of entrepreneurial behaviour, by - R. K. Zinzala, O. P. Sharma and T. D. Jadav
6 Transformation of information through multimedia based interactive media for maize crop, by - K. P. Patel, D. K. Parmar and D. R. Kathiriya
7 Adoption of fruits and vegetable preservation technology by farm women of Surat district, by - G. J. Bhimani, M. R. Prajapati and H. C. Parmar
8 SHG: a reliable expedient for socio-economic empowerment of tribal women farmers in Gujarat, by - Nilam Rathod and Ganga Devi
9 Willingness of agricultural postgraduate scholars to accept rural occupations, by - Elvis Munetsi and N. B. Chauhan
10 Impact of cluster frontline demonstration of scientific cultivation practices of major pulses in Navsari district of Gujarat, by - K. A. Shah, Prabhu Nayaka and A. N. Lad
11 Popularization of improved maize hybrids through frontline demonsration in middle Gujarat, by - D.M.Rathod, K.H.Patel and M.B.Patel
12 Relationship with profile of mobile owners and their knowledge, by - A. B. Dhola and R. D. Pandya
13 Role of ICT’s before and after agricultural development programmes, by - M. P. Raj, N. M. Vegad and J. V. Suthar
14 Scale to measure attitude of farmers towards DD Kisan channel, by - N. D. Pithiya and N. B. Chauhan
15 Association between entrepreneurial behaviour of young cotton growers and selected independent variables, by - R. K. Zinzala, O. P. Sharma and T. D. Jadav
16 Constraints faced by the banana growers in adoption of innovative banana technology, by - Y. M. Sondarva, C. P. Desai and J. B. Patel
17 Use of information and communication technologies by the tribal farmwomen, by - Kiran Chandravadia and A.R. Makwan
18 Vocational interests of farm youth, by - P. D. Thakkar , J.K. Patel and V.M.Patel
19 Perception of fig farmers towards usefulness of ATMA project, by - Mahek Amreliya and N.M. Chauhan
20 Attitude of the farmers towards drip irrigated banana cultivation, by - K. D. Gulkari and N. B. Chauhan
21 Extent of agricultural journalism skill of the postgraduate students of agriculture college, by - Hardi J. Patel, N. B. Chauhan and A. R. Makwan
22 Socio-economic characteristics of employability of postgraduate scholars, by - Omede U. David, P. R. Kanani and B. N. Kalsariya
23 Awareness of buffalo owners about causes of infertility in buffalo, by - A.C. Vaidya, K.K.Hadiya and P.J.Joshi
24 Attitude of postgraduate students towards research, by - Jagadeeswari Boppana, Vinaya Kumar H. M. and J. B. Patel
25 Identification of effective extension methods as perceived by the progressive farmers, by - A. G. Vaghela, G. J. Patel and Vijaypal Dedun
26 Knowledge about yoga possessed by students study in final year of B. Sc. (Agri.), by - J. B. Patel and N. B. Chauhan and P. J. Joshi
27 Application of image processing in the field of precision farming for classification of citrus plant leaf diseases, by - D.K. Parmar and D.R. Kathiriya

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