Gujarat Journal of Extension Education 2018 (Volume-29, Issue-II)

Sr. No. Title & Author
38 Development of the test to measure the knowledge about research recommendations of Anand Agricultural University, by - K. D. Khatri and Arun Patel
39 Relationship between the profile and employability of postgraduate scholars, by - Omede U. D and P.R Kanani
40 Management and housing of dairy demonstration farms in Anand district, by - Hannure W. M. and Belsare V. P.
41 A boost of organic farming to farmers, by - V. D. Raut, D. D. Raut and S. K. Deshpande
42 Constraints and suggestions in adoption of value added techniques in potato among potato growers, by - Nidhi Tikariha and N. V. Soni
43 Seasonal incidence of sucking pests with relation to weather parameters in Bt cotton, by - D. K. Makwana and J. G. Dulera
44 Smartphone use competence of farmers, by - Ravi Chaudhari, D.D. Patel and K.G. Khadayata
45 Relationship between attitude of farmers towards FIG and their profile in Anand district of Gujarat, by - J.B.Patel, N.B. Chauhan and Vinaya Kumar, H. M.
46 Development of scale to measure the attitude of farmers towards Kankarej cow, by - J. B. Patel and N. B. Chauhan
47 Success story of Kajuben – The milkmaid from Banaskantha, by - A. C. Patel, J. K. Patel and H. A. Patel
48 Impact of frontline demonstrations on integrated approaches against the management of pink bollworm in Bt. Cotton, by - S. V. Undhad, P. S. Sharma and V. S. Prajapati
49 Tribal farm women’ status of human nutrition in Narmada district, by - V. K. Poshiya, P. B. Khodifad, M.V.Tiwari
50 Constraints faced and suggestions offered by students of N. M. College of Agriculture, NAU, Navsari for their betterment, by - Harsh Parmar and N.M. Chauhan
51 Digital empowerment of rural people, by - V. D. Raut, D. D. Raut and S. K. Deshpande
52 Adoption of improved groundnut production technology by groundnut growers, by - P. S. Gorfad, J. V. Chovatia and B. N. Kalsariya
53 Training needs of farmers about mustard production technology, by - S. S. Kubrevi, M.S.Kanwar and S.H.Bhat
54 Attitude of agriculture students towards agrotourism as an enterprise, by - N. G. Ghetiya, K. D. Khatri and J. B. Patel
55 Citrus leaf disease classification by RGB and HSI colour model based on shape and texture related features, by - D. K. Parmar, G. B. Chaudhari and R. S. Parmar
56 Level of knowledge about drip irrigation system of drip irrigated banana growers, by - Bhavik Patel, Mahesh R. Patel and Jwalit J. Nayak
57 Regional language web-driven information portal to support Gujarat chilly growers for sustainable crop protection, by - H. K. Patel, G. J. Kamani and K.V. Patel
58 Attitude of farmers towards agricultural produce market committee, by - Vinaya Kumar, H. M., N. B. Chauhan and Haseena Bibi
59 Performance of improved varieties of pulses at farmers’ field of semi-arid condition of Gujarat, by - A. K. Rai, Kanak Lata and B. S. Khadda
60 Technological gap in adoption of crop production technology of urdbean, by - G. J. Patel, D. B. Ramjiyani and G. N. Thorat
61 Farmers’ perception and knowledg regarding integrated nutrients management in Sabarkantha district of Gujarat, by - V. D. Desai, J.K. Patel and V. M. Patel
62 Profile analysis of risk management practices adopter farmers in drip irrigated banana cultivation, by - Krunal D. Gulkari and N. B. Chauhan
63 Economic motivation and its relationship with attitude of agricultural personnel towards e-agricultural portal, by - Pratik Patel, Mahesh R. Patel and Arvind P. Ninama
64 Big data: smart agriculture, by - M. P. Raj, N. M. Vegad and B. A. Amin
65 Income inequality among the smallholder irrigation farmers : The case of Hamamavhaire and Ngondoma irrigation schemes in the Midlands province of Zimbabwe, by - Joseph, B. Chivizhe, Francis, T. Mugabe and Reuben,M.J.Kadigi
66 Knowledge level of fish farmers regarding freshwater aquaculture, by - J. H. Bhatt and G. G. Patel
67 Constraints faced by the agro-input dealers in getting the knowledge about research recommendations of Anand Agricultural University, by - K. D. Khatri and Arun Patel
68 Constraints faced by the brinjal growers in adoption of recommended production technology of brinjal, by - Vishnu Kumar , K.D. Solanki and Akshaya Ghintala
69 Motivational factors behind self help groups in Sihor and Gariadhar talukas of Bhavnagar district, by - Yogesh S. Trivedi

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