Gujarat Journal of Extension Education 2018 (Volume-29, Issue-I)

Sr. No. Title & Author
1 Development of scale to measure attitude of farmers’ sons towards permanently working in rural area, by - K. D. Khatri and N. B. Chauhan
2 Contribution of women to household food security: a case study of makurdi metropolis benue statenigeria, by - Omede U. D. and P.R Kanani
3 Adoption of fruits and vegetable preservation technology by tribal farm women of tapi district, by - Arti N. Soni, P. D. Verma and Dipal N. Soni
4 Development of scale to measure attitude of tribal livestock owners towards vaccination in ruminants, by - P. C. Patel, J. B. Patel and B. R. Panchasara
5 Study on expectations of enrolled students of N.M. College of Agriculture, NAU, Navsari, by - Harsh Parmar and N.M. Chauhan
6 Socio-economic status of dairy demonstration farmers in Anand district, by - Hannure W. M. and Belsare V. P.
7 Credibility of communication sources utilized by the pomegranate growers, by - D. B. Patel, J. J. Mistry and R. C. Prajapati
8 Feeding practices adopted by goat keepers in goat farming, by - D. C. Patel, G. N. Thorat and S. G. Vahora
9 Perception of farmers about organic farming, by - R. C. Prajapati, J. J. Mistry and D. B. Patel
10 Opinion of the farmers towards bio NPK consortium, by - N.M. Vegad, M.P. Raj and B.A. Amin
11 Knowledge and adoption of improved production technology of maize by the farmers of Panchmahal district in Gujarat, by - A. K. Rai, Shakti Khajuria and Raj kumar
12 Information seeking behavior of Bt. cotton growers about IPM technology, by - N. B. Jadav, S. V. Undhad and V.S. Prajapati
13 Social and communication variables and their measurement in climate change studies, by - Netravathi .G and N.B. Chauhan
14 Trend analysis in cotton area for Junagadh district of Gujarat, by - N. J, Rankja, B. N. Kalsariya and A. P. Prajapati
15 Skill education and jobs for rural India, by - V. D. Raut, D. D. Raut and S. K. Deshpande
16 Social networking sites intension and sharing by students, by - S.S.Kubrevi, M.S.Kanwar and M. Shabir
17 Impact of training programme on knowledge level of farmers regarding scientific cultivation technologies of horticultural crops, by - K. D. Tankodara, G. R. Gohil and D. S. Thakar
18 Entrepreneurial behaviour of potato growers, by - Nidhi Tikariha and N. V. Soni
19 Computer inclination and its relationship with attitude of agricultural personnel towards e-agricultural portal, by - Pratik Patel, Mahesh R. Patel and Arvind P. Ninama
20 Extent of adoption of turmeric growers about scientific cultivation of turmeric crop, by - T. D. Jadav, M. V. Dalvi and C.D. Pandya
21 Constraints experienced by the farmers in adoption of integrated nutrient management, by - V. D. Desai, J.K.Patel and H.A.Patel
22 Managing stray livestock using wasteland through information mashups, by - M. P. Raj, B. A. Amin and N. M. Vegad
23 Adoption of risk management practices in drip irrigated banana cultivation, by - Krunal D. Gulkari and N. B. Chauhan
24 Farm women’s characteristics and their correlation toward decision making process with respect to animal husbandry practices in Junagadh district of Gujarat state, by - Kiran Chandravadia, M.K.Bariya and Sandip Kumbhani
25 Impact of on campus training programme on farmers in terms of gain in knowledge regarding rabi crop production technologies, by - K. D. Tankodara, G. R. Gohil and V. G. Barad
26 Knowledge of potato growers under contract farming regarding potato production technology, by - J. J. Mistry, D. B. Patel and R. C. Prajapati
27 Constraints faced and suggestion offered by farmers in accessing the required information through sms and voice messages, by - B. N. Kalsariya, N. J. Rankja and P. S. Gorfad
28 Association between profile of students and their knowledge about krishikosh, by - N. G. Ghetiya, A. R. Darji and J. B. Patel
29 Adoption of breeding management practices by goat keepers, by - S. G. Vahora, G. N. Thorat and D. C. Patel
30 Attitudinal impact of dairy farmers of middle Gujarat towards dairy enterprise, by - Hemlata Saini and N. B. Chauhan
31 Knowledge of dairy farmers regarding breeding practices in dairy farming, by - G. N. Thorat, D. C. Patel and S. G. Vahora
32 Attitude of the farmers towards farmers interest group in Anand district of Gujarat, by - J.B.Patel, N.B. Chauhan and Vinaya Kumar, H. M.
33 Constraints faced by the farmers in adoption of sprinkler irrigation system, by - Akshaya Ghintala, G. J. Patel and Vishnu Kumar
34 An evaluation of the contribution of conservation agriculture on household income of smallholder farmers in Chegutu district of Zimbabwe, by - Munetsi Elvis and Mucharedzeyi Clemence
35 Attitude of agricultural personnel towards e-agricultural portal, by - Pratik Patel, Jwalit J. Nayak and Mahesh R. Patel
36 Knowledge level of the brinjal growers about the production technology of brinjal of Banaskatha district of Gujarat, by - Vishnu Kumar, K.D. Solanki and Akshaya Ghintala
37 Market intelligence in agriculture and allied business, by - Reshma Balu Shinde

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