Gujarat Journal of Extension Education 2017 (Volume-28, Issue-II)

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Sr. No. Title & Author
1 Development and standardize scale to measure attitude of the farmers towards recommended farm technologies, by - M. M. Prajapati, K. A. Thakkar and R. N. Patel
2 Scale development for measuring the attitude of cotton growers towards drip irrigation system, by - J.V. Chovatia, B.N. Kalsariya and M.K. Kanani
3 Development of scale to measure attitude of brinjal growers towards GOB-1 variety, by - D. D. Patel , M . R. Patel and D. P. Gohil
4 Evaluation of front line demonstration of azospirilum + psb biofertilizer +atrazin + carbofuron treatment programme of maize hybrid GAYMH-1 in Gujarat, by - B. N. Thakker, K. H. Patel and S. M. Khanorkar
5 Relationship between selected personal, socio economic and psychological characteristics of broiler farmers and their knowledge about broiler management practices, by - Amitkumar D. Rathod, Durgga Rani V. and R. S. Ghasura
6 Knowledge and adoption behaviour of poultry farm entrepreneurs in Banaskantha district, by - R.S.Ghasura, A.S. Sheikh and B.K.Aswar
7 A test to measure knowledge about recommended Jojoba cultivation practices, by - Hemlata Saini
8 Implementation of IPM technologies by the pigeon pea growers, by - G. Netravathi, N.B Chauhan and R. D. Dhandhukia
9 Techno-economic development among the tribal farmers of NAIP-III in Banaskantha district of Gujarat, by - M. A. Tunvar, V. V. Prajapati and B. K. Patel
10 Adoption of improved brinjal production technology followed by brinjal growers, by - Sumit. R. Salunkhe and N.M.Chauhan
11 Popularization of improved chickpea production technology through front line demonstrations in Panchmahal, by - A. K. Rai, Kanak Lata and B. S. Khadda
12 Gender empowerment among the women employees of Navsari Agricultural University, by - Neethu B.Nair and R.D.Pandya
13 Seed utilization behaviour of tribals in rainfed areas, by - P.D.Verma, J.J.Pastagia and Arti N. Soni
14 Amylase rich porridge effect on geriatic health, by - Lajja Joshi and Gayatree Jadeja
15 Impact of training on knowledge of tribal farm women regarding health and nutrition of mother and child, by - Arti N. Soni, P. D. Verma and Dipal N. Soni
16 Constraints faced by rural women for effective functioning of SHGs in Navsari district, by - Dipti Deshmukh and R.M.Naik
17 Impact analysis of activities of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, by - S.B. Katole, J. H. Bhatt and G. G. Patel
18 Optimization of millet based low cost weaning food formula and evaluation of its nutritional composition, by - Minaxi R. Prajapati, K. B. Kamaliya and H.H. Chawda
19 Knowledge of farmers about banana pseudostem based ‘Nauroji novel’ organic liquid fertilizer in South Gujarat, by - V. B. Girawale and R. M. Naik
20 Determinants of attitude of the post graduate research scholars towards the use of computer for their empowerment, by - A. R. Darji, B. R. Panchasara and Vinaya Kumar H. M.
21 Constraints faced by bt Cotton growers in Bharuch district of Gujarat State, by - D. H. Pandya, P. B. Khodifad and T. D. Jadav
22 Economic motivation and its relationship with level of knowledge about drip irrigation system of drip irrigated banana growers, by - Bhavik Patel, Mahesh R. Patel and Arun Patel
23 Dynamic profile of PG girl scholars of Anand Agricultural University and their scope in participating in extracurricular activities, by - Haseena Bibi, Meena. C. Patel and J. B. Patel
24 Attitude of post graduate students towards agriculture entrepreneurship, by - Nidhi B. Thakur, Jignesh D. Prajapati and Krunal Rupapara
25 Organizational attributes of different cadre employees of agricultural universities of Gujarat, by - Sunil R. Patel , A. R. Makwan and K. U. Chandravadia
26 Knowledge and attitude of banana growers regarding strategic involvement of public and private sectors in banana crop cultivation in South Gujarat, by - Diptesh Chaudhari and N.M. Chauhan
27 Impact of front line demonstration on gain in knowledge about green gram production technology among farmers, by - A. K. Rai, S. Khajuria and Raj Kumar
28 Adoption of improved pigeon pea production technology by tribal pigeon pea growers in Dahod district, by - S.K. Patel, U.M. Patel and G. K. Bhabhor
29 Digital enabled vegetable selling, by - K. P. Patel, D. K. Parmar and R. S. Parmar
30 Constraints perceived by tribal wheat growers in scientific wheat production technology, by - G. K. Bhabhor, U. M. Patel and S. K. Patel
31 Association between personal profile and extent of adoption regarding paddy production technology, by - Sumit Rajendra Salunkhe and Rajesh Dilip Pandya
32 Knowledge of nutritional practices among the anganwadi workers of Dahod district, by - G.J.Patel, G. N. Thorat and Dipti Patel
33 Yellow vein mosaic virus disease of okra under the influence of pesticide/bio-pesticide and suitable cultivars, by - Shakti Khajuria, Raj Kumar and B.S. Khadda
34 General management practices adopted by tribal farmers in goat farming, by - S. G. Vahora, G. N. Thorat and D. C. Patel
35 Knowledge and extent of adoption of tribal farmers about recommended agricultural technologies transmitted by KVK, by - G. J. Chaudhary, R.S.Prajapati and R.N.Patel
36 Constraints faced by the farmers in attending farmer field school in Anand district of Gujarat, by - Haseena Bibi, J. B. Patel and P. C. Patel
37 Impact of forest land allotment on economic and social empowerment of tribals in South Gujarat, by - H.U.Vyas, O.D.Vanparia and G.R.Patel
38 Performance of milk producers’ co-operative societies in tribal area of Sabarkantha district, by - V.B.Patel, K.A.Thakkar and V.M.Patel
39 Constraints perceived by the farmers of Mahesana district in adoption of micro irrigation system, by - J.K. Patel, R.R. Prajapati and V.T. Patel
40 Importance of fisheries education in Gujarat, by - Jitesh B. Solanki, Prakash V. Parmar and Viral C. Bajaniya
41 Farmers’ perception on use of bio fertilizers, by - D. B. Patel, J. J. Mistry and V. M. Patel
42 Constraints and suggestions of vermicompost technology among the tribal beneficiaries of NAIPIII in Banaskantha district of Gujarat, by - Ila.B. Parmar, D. P. Vihol and Mayur M. Prajapati
43 Impact of on campus trainings on knowledge level of farmers about latest agricultural production technologies, by - G. R.Gohil, Lakhlani Manshi and B. N. Kalsariya
44 Adoption of recommended pest and disease management practices of tomato crop by the tomato growers, by - H. P. Sonawane and Jyoti Walke
45 Watershed management through four waters concept: a key to sustainable rural development, by - Neeta Khandelwal and Harish Gupta
46 Knowledge of farmers about neem coated urea, by - M. F. Bhoraniya, M. S. Chandawat and B. C. Bochalya
47 Marketing pattern and constraints perceived by the papaya growers in papaya cultivation technology, by - Vijay.A. Damor, J.K.Patel and V.T.Patel
48 Adoption of organic farming practices by the farmers of Surendranagar district of Saurashtra region of Gujarat, by - M. S. Chandawat, B. C. Bochalya and M.F. Bhoraniya
49 An analysis of growth trends in cotton productivity for Rajkot district of Gujarat, by - N. J. Rankja, B.N. Kalsariya and A.M. Butani
50 Present status of fruit pulp and beverage industry in Gujarat state, by - R. B. Modi
51 Perception about crisis management and its knowledge by groundnut growers of South Saurashtra agro-climatic zone, by - M.K. Jadeja, P.R. Kanani and K.M. Jadeja
52 Profile of sorghum growers and its relationship with knowledge and adoption of Panchsutri technology, by - S. D. Patil, P. B. Kharde and A. B. Gaikwad
53 Association between independent variables with extent of adoption of improved animal husbandry practices and constraints perceived by the farmers in adoption of improved animal husbandry practices of Chhotaudepur district of Gujarat, by - B. M. Mehta and B. L. Dhayal
54 Relationship between profile and level of awareness of e-resource among post graduate students, by - Vaibhav B. Paradva, Ravi N. Chaudhari and Krunal K. Rupapara
55 Entrepreneurial attributes of nursery growers, by - Swati Khandave, M.R.Prajapati and V.T.Patel

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