Gujarat Journal of Extension Education 2017 (Volume-28, Issue-I)

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Sr. No. Title & Author
1 Development of scale to measure the knowledge about drip irrigation system of drip irrigated banana growers, by - Bhavik Patel, Mahesh R. Patel and Arun Patel
2 Development of scale to measure attitude of atma beneficiary farmers toward ATMA, by - V. M. Patel, K. A. Thakkar and J. J. Mistry
3 A scale to measure the attitude of the farmers towards farmer field school, by - Haseena Bibi, J. B. Patel and P. C. Patel
4 Assessment of frontline demonstration on yield enhancement and economics of cumin (GC-4) in Surendranagar district of Saurashtra region of Gujarat, by - M.F. Bhoraniya, M. S. Chandawat and B. C. Bochalya
5 Relationship between personal profile and empowerment of rural women through SHGs, by - Dipti Deshmukh and R.M.Naik
6 Adoption of improved indian bean production technology, by - S. R. Kumbhani, S.D. Kavad and G.R. Patel
7 A study on pre-harvest forecast model of groundnut yield using weather parameters for Junagadh district of Gujarat, by - N. J. Rankja, B.N. Kalsariya and M. K. Jadeja
8 Impact of KVK activities in adopted villages of KVK-Dang, by - J.B.Dobariya, N.M.Thesiya and V.K.Desai
9 Knowledge of rural women regarding breast feeding practices in Amreli district, by - Neha Tiwari, Hemangi Mehta and Jiju N. Vyas
10 Scientific orientation of check dam’s beneficiary and non-beneficiary tribal farmers and its relationship with their socio-techno-economic status, by - Mugdha Ninama , J. B. Patel and P.C. Patel
11 Adoption of sesamum growers about sesamum cultivation practices, by - S. A. Sipai, N. M. Vegad and M. B. Zala
12 Constraints faced by banana growers in management of banana cultivation, by - M. V. Chaudhary and P. B. Khodifad
13 Impact of training on adoption of fruits and vegetable preservation technology by tribal women, by - Arti N. Soni, P. D. Verma and Dipal N. Soni
14 Contribution of women from rural areas in agriculture, by - Nikita Munj, Y.A. Lad and Vishita Khanna
15 Constraints faced by the mango growers in adoption of good agriculture practices of mango crop, by - M. V. Chaudhary and P. B. Khodifad
16 Association between profile of papaya growers and adoption of recommonded technology of papaya, by - Vijay. A. Damor, J.K.Patel and R.N.Patel
17 Strengthening agricultural extension with remote sensing and geographical information system information, by - M. P. Raj and N. M. Vegad
18 Attitude of the farmers towards training programme organized by KVK Devataj, by - H. B. Patel, P. C. Patel and G.G.Patel
19 Scientific orientation and its relationship with level of knowledge about drip irrigation system of drip irrigated banana growers, by - Bhavik Patel, Mahesh R. Patel and Arun Patel
20 Knowledge level of dog owners on zoonotic rabies disease, by - Heli S. Raval and B. M. Patel
21 Vocational training need as perceived by farmers’ sons in Anand taluka of Gujarat, by - Nidhi B. Thakur and N. B. Chauhan
22 Socio-personal characteristics of rural women of SHGs, by - Dipti Deshmukh and R.M.Naik
23 A profile analysis of animal husbandry enterprise holders of farmer’s interest groups of Navsari district, by - M. Kumari, C. K. Timbadia and A. M. Pandya
24 Factors affecting the technological gap of tribal wheat growers, by - G. K. Bhabhor, U.M. Patel and N. D. Makwana
25 A study of AICT awareness among the participants of training programme of Dairy Vigyan Kendra K. C. Kamani, S. J. Jadav and Y.R. Ghodasara
26 Political empowerment of women – a comparative study, by - Hemangi D.Mehta , Neha Tiwari and Jiju N. Vyas
27 Constraints faced by farmers in adoption of rose cultivation, by - K.M. Parmar, H. D. Dodiya and Sunil R. Patel
28 Education and its relationship with level of knowledge about drip irrigation system of drip irrigated banana growers, by - Bhavik Patel , Mahesh R. Patel and Arun Patel
29 Assessment of nutritional knowledge of school teachers regarding diet in diseases, by - G. R. Jadeja, J. H. Patel and K. N. Rana
30 Popularization of improved variety of rice Mahisagar through frontline demonstrations in Gujarat, by - Geeta R. Chaudhari, Sunil. G. Patel and D. J. Kacha
31 Comparison of attitudinal behaviour of post graduate boys and girls students towards the use of computer for their empowerment, by - A. R. Darji and J. K. Patel
32 Adoption of health care management practices adopted by tribal farmers in goat farming, by - G. N. Thorat, S. G. Vahora and D. C. Patel
33 Problems faced by the farmers due to the effects of climate change, by - B.H. Vyas,V. T. Patel and J. M. Patel
34 Strategic involvement of public and private sectors in banana crop cultivation in South Gujarat, by - Diptesh Chaudhari and N.M. Chauhan
35 Awareness of vegetable growers about hazardous effect caused through pesticide residues in vegetables, by - P. H. Vihariya, Mukesh R. Patel and P. C. Patel
36 Impact of Baroda Dugdh Utpadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd. in the adoption of improved animal husbandry practices in chhotaudepur district of Gujarat, by - B. L. Dhayal, J.P.Meena and B.M.Mehta
37 Knowledge and adoption of papaya growers about recommonded papaya cultivation technology, by - Vijay A. Damor, J.K.Patel and M.K.Chaudhari
38 Socio-economic change occurred as a result of convergence of farmers’ clubs and farmers’ interest groups in Anand district, by - H.U.Vyas, O.D.Vanparia and G.R.Patel
39 Profile of polytechnic students and their attitude towards sustainable agriculture, by - Payal Vihariya, Mukesh R. Patel and J. D. Desai
40 Constraints faced by the bt Cotton growers of Mahesana district in adoption of recommended plant protection measures, by - H. D.Dodiya, J. K.Patel and S. M. Patel
41 Study on technological gap and knowledge of the cotton growers, by - Swati Khandave, M.R.Prajapati and R. R. Prajapati
42 Constraints faced by the gram growers in adoption of improved cultivation practices of gram crop, by - A.C. Jatapara, N.V. Soni and B.H. Vyas
43 Evaluation of IPM modules for the management of brinjal shoot and fruit borer, by - Shakti Khajuria, A. K. Rai and Kanak Lata
44 Adoption of recommended wheat and cotton production technologies by ATMA beneficiary farmers, by - V. M. Patel, J. J. Mistry and D. B. Patel
45 Barriers in adoption of renewable energy appliance by rural households of Dantiwada taluka of Banaskantha district, by - Rekhaben Kurshibhai Rabari and Serene Shekhar
46 Adoption of crisis management in groundnut crop by groundnut growers of South Saurashtra agro-climatic zone, by - M.K. Jadeja, P.R. Kanani and K.M. Jadeja
47 Constraints perceived by the date palm growers of Kachchh district in adoption of date palm cultivation technology, by - S. P. Pandya, G.R.Patel and K. A. Thakkar
48 Farmers’ role in decision-making on adoption of mitigation and adaptation of climate change practices in agriculture, by - Pankaj Kumar Meghwal, Rajkumar Josmee Singh and N. B. Jadav
49 Attitude of tribal farm women towards agricultural training programme, by - G.J.Patel, D. B. Ramjiyani and G. N. Thorat
50 Factors influencing employability of postgraduate scholars studying in Junagadh Agricultural University, by - Omede U. David, P. R. Kanani and B. N. Kalsariya
51 Adoption of organic farming practices by organic farmers in North Gujarat, by - V.B.Patel, M.R.Prajapati and S.G.Joshi
52 Extent of participation of PG agricultural girl scholars of AAU in organised extracurricular activities, by - Haseena Bibi, Meena. C. Patel and J. B. Patel
53 Constraints faced in adoption of recommendations of tomato crop by tomato growers, by - H.P. Sonawane. and Walke Jyoti
54 Risk orientation and its relationship with level of knowledge about drip irrigation system of drip irrigated banana growers, by - Bhavik Patel, Mahesh R. Patel and Arun Patel
55 Studies on breed characteristics of Kathiawadi horses, by - R. B. Prajapati and V. P. Belsare
56 Perception of UG students of agriculture faculty about educational environment of AAU, by - Sunil R. Patel, H.D. Rahevar and H. C. Parmar
57 Roles performed by the men and women gram panchayat members, by - J. P.Patel, R. S. Prajapati and H. D.Dodiya
58 Constraints encountered and suggestions offered by beneficiary farmers of ATMA, by - B. N. Kalsariya, N. J. Rankja and G. R. Gohil

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