Gujarat Journal of Extension Education 2016 (Volume-27, Issue-II)

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Sr. No. Title & Author
1 Development of Scale to Measure Attitude of Goat Keepers towards Goat Farming, by - A.M. Bharwad, A. C. Vaidya and N. H. Joshi
2 Migration of Candle Making Workers: A Study in Uttarakhand, by - G. N. Thorat and Arpita Sharma
3 Drones in the Sky: New Frontier in Agriculture, by - Y. R. Ghodasara, K. C. Kamani and G. J. Kamani
4 Impact of Training on Knowledge Level of Participants Regarding Value Addition in Papaya, by - Dipal N. Soni, Arti N. Soni and C. K. Timbadia
5 Farmers Perception regarding Effects of Sewage Water on Crop and Human Health, by - H. P. Sonawane and V. S. Shirke
6 Utilization of Wheat Bran Bread for the benefit of Community Common Disease a Diabetes, by - K. B. Kamaliya, Rema S. and D. H. Patel
7 Assessment of methods followed by the wheat growers, by - V. M. Patel, J. J. Mistry and D. B. Patel
8 Factors Affecting Farmers’ Purchase Decisions of Insecticides, by - V.V.Prajapati, S.M. Chauhan and M.A.Tunvar
9 Economic Status and Participation of Tribal Dairy Women in Animal Husbandry, by - S. G. Vahora, G. N. Thorat and D. B. Ramjiyani
10 Knowledge of Farmers about Soil Fertility, by - A. M. Pandya and C. K. Timbadia
11 Personal and Socio-Economic Characteristics of Farmers of Sabarkantha District, by - R.R.Patel, P.K.Patel and R.M.Patel
12 Training Needs of Tribal Farm Women in Maize Production Technology, by - G.J.Patel, S. G. Vahora and G. N. Thorat
13 A Study of AICT Application Usage Pattern Among the Farming Community Students of AAU, by - K. C. Kamani and P. S. Parsania
14 Participation of Tribal Dairy Women in Animal Husbandry, by - G. N. Thorat, S. G. Vahora and D. B. Ramjiyani
15 Frontline Demonstrations: An Approach for Management of Cotton Mealybug, Phenacoccus solenopsis Tinsley, by - Shakti Khajuria, Raj Kumar and J.K. Jadav
16 Personal, Socio-Economic and Communicational Characteristics of Root & Tuber Crop Growers, by - V. B. Girawale, R. M. Naik and R. M. Patil
17 Training Need Assessment of Visitor Farmers of ATIC Regarding Groundnut Production Technology, by - K.S.Patel, S.P.Pandya and D.B.Patel
18 Adoption of Ratoon Management Practices by the Sugarcane Growers, by - S. S. Patel and V. P. Vejapara
19 Knowledge and Adoption of Biofertilizer Users, by - Chaudhary Diptesh and N.M. Chauhan
20 Relationship between Migration Habit and Contribution of Tribal Farm Women in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, by - Mahesh R. Patel, D. D. Patel and Jaydip D. Desai
21 Characteristics of Personnel Involved in Convergence, by - D. J. Patel and R. D. Pandya
22 Training Needs of Farm Women in Relation to Post Harvest Technology in Legumes Crop, by - Chandravadia Kiran, S. R. Patel and Kumbhani Sandip
23 Profile of Soil Health Card Users, by - A. M. Pandya and C. K. Timbadia
24 Popularization of Improved Cultivars of Maize through Frontline Demonstrations in Central Gujarat, by - A. K. Rai, Shakti Khajuria and Kanak Lata
25 Extent of Variation Caused by Independent Variables Overall Extent of Contribution of Tribal Farmwomen in Animal Husbandry Activities, by - Mahesh R. Patel, Arun Patel and Jaydip D. Desai
26 Relationship Between Impact of Check Dam on Socio-Techno-Economic Status of Tribal Farmers, by - M. D. Ninama, J. B. Patel and S. K. Raghuvansh
27 Characterization of Farming System in North West Agro Climatic Zone of Gujarat State, by - Patel R.R , Pandya S.P. and Patel, P.K.
28 Socio-Economic Status of Maize Contract Farmers, by - M. V. Dalvi and C. D. Pandya
29 Relationship Between Characteristics of the Farmers with Change in Socio Economic Impact as a Result of Participating in Krushi Mahotsav, by - S.P.Pandya, M.R.Prajapati and K.S.Patel

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