Gujarat Journal of Extension Education 2016 (Volume-27, Issue-I)

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Sr. No. Title & Author
1 Tool to Measure Attitude of the Agricultural Scientists Towards Agricultural Publications, by - A. R. Makwan and N. B. Chauhan
2 Interpersonal Conflict Among Employees of Agricultural Universities of Gujarat, by - Sunil R. Patel, J. K. Patel and Smt. K. U. Chandravadiya
3 Adoption of Package of practices for Dairy animals, by - A. C. Vaidya, A. R. Macwan and N. H. Joshi
4 Performance of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) Technique in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)on Farmer’s Field, by - K.D.Mevada, M.V.Patel and N.P.Chauhan
5 Management Efficiency of Poultry Owners, by - G. N. Thorat, S. G. Vahora and M. M. Trivedi
6 Digital-Enabled Services for Agriculture Development, by - R.S. Parmar, D.R. Kathiriya and G.J.Kamani
7 Knowledge of Nutritional Practices among the Tribal Women, by - G.J.Patel, Dipti P. Pateland Dweep B. Ramjiyani
8 Yield Gap and Level of Demonstrated Crop Production Technology, by - A. K. Rai, Raj Kumar and J. K. Jadav
9 Digital Dairy Farm Management System, by - R.S. Parmar, H.K Patel and N.M. Vegad
10 Relationship Between Reading Behaviour of Krushijivan Farm Magazine Subscriber Livestock Owners and Their Profile, by - V. V. Solanki, J. B. Patel and Sunny Jani
11 Effects of Independent Variables on Overall Extent of Contribution of Tribal Farmwomen in Agricultural Activities, by - Mahesh R. Patel, D. D. Patel and Jaydip D. Desai
12 Determinants in Knowledge about Recommended Package of Practices of Root & Tuber Crops, by - V. B. Girawale and R. M. Naik
13 Impact of Cumin Crop Field Demonstrations on Knowledge of Farmers, by - Patel D. B., Mistry J. J. and Patel V. M.
14 Constraints Faced by Biofertilizer Users, by - Chaudhary Diptesh and Dr. N.M. Chauhan
15 Knowledge Level of Recommended Green Gram Cultivation Technology of Tribal FLD Farmers, by - J. J. Mistry , D. B. Patel and V. M. Patel
16 Risk Preference of Tribal Farm Women and its Relationship with their Contribution in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, by - Mahesh R. Patel, Arun Patel and Pravin Chaudhary
17 Communication Behavior of Tribal Dairy Women in Animal Husbandry, by - G. N. Thorat, S. G. Vahora and D. B. Ramjiyani
18 Constraints Faced by Farmers in Purchase of Agrochemicals in Vegetable Crops, by - V.V.Prajapati, C.A.Gohil and M.A.Tunvar
19 Association Between the Adoption of Crisis Management Practices and Selected Profile Characteristics of Cotton Growers, by - G.R.Gohil and P.B.Raviya and V.G.Barad
20 Involvement of Tribal Dairy Women in Health Care Management Practices of Animal Husbandry, by - S. G. Vahora, G. N. Thorat and D. B. Ramjiyani
21 Evaluation and Demonstration of Biorational-Based Integrated Pest Management Package Against Pod Borer, Helicoverpa Armigera Hubner Infesting Chickpea, by - Shakti Khajuria, A.K.Rai and Kanak Lata
22 Knowledge of Ratoon Management Practices by the Sugarcane Growers, by - S. S. Patel and V. P. Vejapara
23 Impact of Front Line Demonstration on Feeding of low cost high protein rich food (POSHAK AAHAR) to malnourished rural tribal children, by - Arti N. Soni, C.D.Pandya and D.N.Soni
24 Factors Associated With The Success-Failure Of Cashew Nut Growers And Processing Enterprise, by - G. G. Chauhan, R. M. Naik and G. R. Patel
25 Development of Scale to Measure Attitude of Poultry Farmers towards Poultry Management Practices, by - G. N. Thorat, S. G. Vahora and M. M. Trivedi
26 Knowledge Level of Personnel Involved in Convergence, by - D. J. Patel and R. D. Pandya
27 Extent of Awareness of Plant Protection Measures among Vegetable and Fruit Growers, by - H. P. Sonawane and S. S. Neware
28 Determinants in Knowledge about Recommended Package of Practices of Root and Tuber Crops, by - R. M. Naik, V. B. Girawale and G.G.Chauhan
29 Participation of Tribal Dairy Women Special Reference to Feeding and Breeding Practices in Animal Husbandry and Dairy, by - S. G. Vahora, G. N. Thorat and D. B. Ramjiyani
30 Attitude of Farmers about Soil Health Card Programme, by - A. M. Pandya1and C. K. Timbadia
31 Relationship Between the Profile of Small Scale Horticultural Nursery Growers and Their Management Efficiency, by - A.G.Patel and H.U.Vyas
32 Training Needs of Tribal Farm Women in Soybean Production Technology, by - G.J.Patel, S. G. Vahora and G. N. Thorat
33 ICT- Enabled Services for Anand Agricultural University, by - S.H. Bhojani, R.S. Parmar and D.R. Kathiriya

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