Gujarat Journal of Extension Education 2015 (Volume-26, Issue-II)

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Sr. No. Title & Author
1 Development and Standardization of Attitude Scale of Farmers Towards Use of Mineral Mixture in Cattle, by - N. B. Chauhan, J. B. Patel and P. C. Patel
2 Constraints Faced by Small Scale Horticultural Nursery Growers in South Gujarat, by - A.G.Patel and H.U.Vyas
3 Training Needs of Tribal Farmwomen in Relation to Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Activities, by - Mahesh R. Patel, Arun Patel and Bhavik Patel
4 Farmers’ Perception Towards Crop Insurance Scheme in Maharashtra, by - Sonawane H.P., Jadhav S. S and S. S. Neware
5 Scale Development to Measure Attitude of Farmers towards Krushi Mahotsav, by - S.P. Pandya, M.R.Prajapati and K.S.Patel
6 Farm Management Information System, by - D.R. Kathiriya, R.S.Parmar and D.K.Parmar
7 Participation of Farm Women in Decision Making Process, by - J. J. Mistry, K. J. Vihol and G. J. Patel
8 Impact of Training Programme in Terms of Gain in Knowledge for Sustainable Agriculture, by - B. N. Kalsariya, N. D. Bharad, and M.K. Jadeja
9 Training Needs of Tribal Women of Sabarkantha District Regarding Animal Husbandry Practices, by - R. N. Patel, M. M. Prajapati and V. T. Patel
10 Varietal Evaluation of Niger and Sunflower through Front Line Demonstrations in Konkan Region of Maharashtra, by - Mandavkar, P. M., Manjarekar, R. G. and M. S. Talathi
11 Training Need Assessment of Visitor Farmers of ATIC Regarding Groundnut Production Technology, by - K.S.Patel, S.P.Pandya and M.R. Prajapati
12 Association between Personal Attributes of Farmers with Their Knowledge and Adoption of Green Gram Production Technology in Chhotaudaipur District, by - B.L.Dhayal, and B.M.Mehta
13 Dynamic Profile of the Tribal Livestock Owners and Their Attitude Towards Vaccination in Ruminants, by - P. C. Patel, J. B. Patel and N. R. Parmar
14 Suggestions to Overcome the Constraints Faced by the Farm Women in Adoption of No Cost and Low Cost Technology of Animal Husbandry, by - B.M.Christian, N.B.Chauhan and S. N. Shah
15 Study of FPT and BE Students’ Knowledge, Anxiety and Attitude Towards Computers, by - K. C. Kamani and P. S. Parsania
16 Usefulness of Krushi Mahotsav Programmme for Pigeon pea Growers, by - Arti N. Soni , Dipal. N.Soni and H.B.Patel
17 Decision Making Pattern of Dairy Women Regarding Their Socio-Economic Development, by - S.J. Parmar, J.G. Rathod and Nidhi
18 Technological Gap in Adoption of Improved Cultivation Practices by Soybean Growers, by - A.H.Parikh N.V.Soni and J.K. Chaudhari
19 Personal and Socio-Economic Characteristics of Livestock Keepers in Dahod District, by - S. G. Vahora, G N Thorat and Dweep Ramjiyani
20 Sources of Information Used by Tribal Farm Women and Relationship with Their Contribution in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, by - Mahesh R. Patel, Bhavik Patel and Arun Patel
21 Factors Influencing the Job Satisfaction of Field Extension Functionaries, by - Diksha Patel and A. J. Dhodia
22 Mechanization in Agriculture with Respect to Potato and Groundnut Crops, by - Bipin A. Sutariya, J. J. Mistry and V. M. Patel
23 Knowledge and Attitude of Tribal Farmers of Valsad District Towards Integrated Nutrient Management, by - L.T.Kapur, A.R.Patel and K.A.Patel
24 Awareness Among Farmers About KVK Working as Knowledge Resource Centre in Dang District of South Gujarat, by - S. D. Kavad, D. B. Bhoi and V. K. Desai
25 Knowledge of Farmers Regarding Wheat Production Technology, by - B.M.Christian, N.B.Chauhan and A.R.Macwan
26 Adoption of Farmers About Scientific Cultivation of Maize in Panchmahal and Dahod District, by - K.H.Patel, U.M.Patel and S.M. Khanorkar
27 Study on Management System of Pigs in Gujarat, by - V.P. Belsare, R. K. Mishra and K. B. Kamaliya
28 Knowledge and Adoption of Wheat Production Technology by the Farmers of Sabarkantha District, by - J. J. Mistry, K. J. Vihol and G. J. Patel
29 Watershed Management by Tribal Farmers of Navsari District of South Gujarat Through No-Cost and Low-Cost Technologies, by - Niraj . G. Patel and N. M. Chauhan
30 Adoption of No Cost and Low Cost Technology of Animal Husbandry by Farm Women, by - B.M.Christian and N.B.Chauhan
31 Training Needs Perceived by Dairy Farmers Regarding Dairy and Animal Husbandry Practices, by - S. G. Vahora, G N Thorat and Dweep Ramjiyani
32 Package of Practices of the Market Oriented Cultivation of Summer Cabbage Followed by the Farmers, by - Desai, J.D., Solanki, K.D. and Patel, P.P.

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