Gujarat Journal of Extension Education (ISSN 2322-0678)


Authors: Sweta D. Gajera and J. B. Patel

Publisher: Society of Extension Education Gujarat

Keywords: sensitization, agrochemicals, hazardous effects and farmers

Volume: 33

Issue: 2

Year: June 2022


Abstract: Pesticide poisoning is a huge global health issue that is particularly widespread in developing countries. It can cause a variety of human health problems depending on their toxicity, frequency and duration of exposure. Hazardous effects of agrochemicals will be reduced if the farmers become more sensitive of the proper use pattern of agrochemicals (pesticides) and follow prescribed self-protection mechanisms. The study assessed the sensitization amongst farmers towards hazardous effects of agrochemicals. A questionnaire-based simple random sampling survey was conducted on 120 farmers of Anand and Kheda districts of Gujarat state. The statistical measures, such as SPSS and Microsoft excel were used. Slightly more than three-fourth (76.67 per cent) of the farmers had an average level of sensitization. Training received (0.437) and Social participation (0.364) of farmers had a positive and highly significant correlation with their sensitization towards hazardous effects of agrochemicals. This study will assisted entomologist, pathologist and environmentalist for the implementing the training programmes related to safe handling and use of recommended doses of application of plant protection chemicals.

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