Gujarat Journal of Extension Education (ISSN 2322-0678)


Authors: K. D. Tankodara, P. K. Sharma and M. K. Choudhary

Publisher: Society of Extension Education Gujarat

Keywords: sorghum growers, cofs 29 variety, perceived usefulness, relationship, problems

Volume: 33

Issue: 2

Year: June 2022


Abstract: Sorghum is one of the most important fodder crops. In middle Gujarat, farmers of Kheda district mainly grow single cut variety sorghum, pearl millet and maize as a fodder crop as this district possesses good number of livestock population. After understanding the importance of multi cut variety of sorghum, KVK Kheda conducted FLDs on CoFS 29 variety from year 2017. To understand the factors responsible behind perceived usefulness of this variety and to understand the problems realized among its users as well as to get the suggestions from them to overcome the problems, this study was conducted on 200 CoFS 29 user sorghum growers whom KVK Kheda selected as FLD farmers. The profile characteristics were also studied of the selected CoFS 29 users. Ex-post-facto research design was used and interview schedule was prepared in light with the objective. Frequency, percentage, arbitrary method, mean score and coefficient of correlation were major statistical tools used for analysis of the study. From the study, it was observed that more number of CoFS 29 users were from middle age group with secondary level of education, 1 to 2 ha land, 4 to 6 animals and up to 1 lakh rupee annual income. Majority of them were getting yield from CoFS 29 variety was 120 to 130t, very low level of social participation, and medium level of extension contact. More number of farmers had high level of mass media exposure, medium level of scientific orientation and innovativeness and using bore well for irrigation. Profile characteristics like land holding, annual income, yield and scientific orientation were positive and significantly associated with perceived usefulness about CoFS 29 variety for their users. Major problems realized by the CoFS 29 variety user sorghum growers were high price of seeds; difficulty in availability of seeds and more irrigation are required. Major suggestions offered by the sorghum growers to overcome the problems realized by them while utilizing CoFS 29 variety were price of seeds of CoFS 29 variety should be less and seeds of CoFS 29 variety should be made available easily.

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