Gujarat Journal of Extension Education (ISSN 2322-0678)


Authors: P. S. Kapadiya, P. N. Chaudhari and M. R. Gadariya

Publisher: Society of Extension Education Gujarat

Keywords: feeding, housing, milking, healthcare, breeding, adoption

Volume: 33

Issue: 2

Year: June 2022


Abstract: The present field survey was carried out to investigate adoption level of various aspects of feeding, housing, milking, health care and breeding management practices followed by livestock owners of Amreli district of Gujarat. Data regarding these management practices were collected and studied through pre-design questionnaire from 300 livestock owners. Study revealed that livestock owners had high adoption level in special feeding (calving mixture) after calving (2.80 mean score), supply of dry fodder (2.80 mean score), practices of stall feeding (2.72 mean score), well ventilated house (2.82 mean score), provision of water through pucca watering trough (2.79 mean score), provision of pucca manger (2.75 mean score), distant location of manure pit (2.71 mean score), kind behaviour and grooming practice with milking animal (2.85 mean score), allow calf for let-down of milk (2.83 mean score), calm environment of milking place (2.80 mean score) and cleaning of milk utensil with detergent washing and sun drying (2.71 mean score). However, low level of adoption was observed in chaffing of fodder (1.66 mean score), feeding mineral mixture (1.34 mean score), feeding salt (1.28 mean score), provision of R.C.C. roof (1.62 mean score), pucca floor (1.59 mean score), cleaning udder and teats before milking with antiseptic (1.99 mean score), washing/bathing of animal before milking (1.83 mean score) and cleaning and dipping of udder and teats just after milking (1.32 mean score). Further, adoption level was found high in ectoparasites control practices (2.89 mean score), colostrum offered to new born calf within an hour (2.42 mean score), vaccination of animal (2.30 mean score), insemination/mating of animal after heat detection within 12 to 18 hours (2.77 mean score), waiting for placental expulsion up to 12 hours (2.75 mean score) and pregnancy diagnosis after 3 month of breeding (2.58 mean score). Whereas, livestock owner had low level of adoption in disinfection of animal shed (1.99 mean score), navel disinfection of calf (1.72 mean score), isolation of sick animals (1.41 mean score), breeding of animals thorough A.I. (1.72 mean score), proven bull for natural service (1.62 mean score) and initiation of breeding of heifers on the basis of body weight/size (1.28 mean score) among the different practices of healthcare and breeding management.

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