Gujarat Journal of Extension Education (ISSN 2322-0678)


Authors: S. M. Trivedi1, J. D. Bhatt2 and N. M. Thaker3

Publisher: Society of Extension Education Gujarat

Keywords: financial attitude, financial behaviour, financial knowledge, financial literacy, olr

Volume: 35

Issue: 2

Year: June 2023


Abstract: Financial Literacy has become one of the top priorities for most of the world today as it is directly proportional to the economic growth of a country. Besides, having the largest young population in the world, 76 per cent of Indian adult population is not even aware of the basic financial concepts. Therefore, an in-depth study was carried out to measure the financial literacy and to identify the factors affecting financial literacy of students. Total 143 UG and PG level students were selected randomly and the primary data was collected through the well-prepared questionnaire. Financial Literacy Index and ordinal logistic regression model were used for the study purpose. The study revealed that there is low level of financial literacy especially in terms of financial knowledge among the students. Age and education of the students having positive and significant impact on the financial literacy of students.

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