Gujarat Journal of Extension Education (ISSN 2322-0678)


Authors: D. A. Padaliya1, N. B. Jadav2 and D. N. Padaliya3

Publisher: Society of Extension Education Gujarat

Keywords: cotton growers, perception, pesticides

Volume: 35

Issue: 1

Year: June 2023


Abstract: Cotton is one of the most important fibre crop of India and plays a dominant role in the industrial and agricultural economy of the county. Saurashtra is a predominant cotton growing region in the Gujarat state, where more per cent of cultivated area is under cotton cultivation. In cotton cultivation, pesticide use is an essential part of production technology and excessive and injudicious use of pesticides has led to development of resistance in sucking pest, decrease the efficiency of the pesticides which turn to lowering of profit per annum and also responsible for degradation of soil. Considering the above facts, it seems worthwhile to know the level of perception of farmers about the pesticides usage. The study was conducted in Saurashtra region with 144 cotton growers. The result of study revealed that less than two fifth (36.11 per cent) of cotton growers were from high level of perception about pesticides usage in cotton crop. The profile characteristics like education, health value, sustainability, environmental orientation risk orientation, economic motivation, innovativeness, farming experience, annual income, scientific orientation, mass media exposure and source of information were positively and significantly associated with perception of cotton growers about pesticides usage, while age is negative and significantly related with perception level of cotton growers about pesticides usage. to increase profit per annum and effective plant protection technology transfer, extension functionaries may suggested to select educated, young and more cotton growing experienced farmers for imparting training.

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