National Seminars Organized by SEEG

Sr.No. Title Date Place
1 Seminar on "Future Challenges and Strategies of Extension Education" 20 May 1990 Navsari
2 Seminar on "Role of Rural Woman in development" 8 February 1992 Anand
3 Seminar on "Role of Farm Literature in Agriculture Development" 23 October 1994 Sardarkrushinagar
4 Seminar on "Role of Co-operative Organization in Rural Development" 27 January 1996 Navsari
5 Seminar on "Challanges of Extension Education in 21st Century 30 April 1997 Anand
6 Seminar on "Distance Extension Education in Electronic Era" 9 January 1998 Junagadh
7 Seminar on "Human Resource Development in Agriculture" 27 April 2001 Sardarkrushinagar
8 Seminar on "Transfer of Agricultural Technology in 21st Century" 27 february 2003 Navsari
9 Seminar on "Extension Strategy for Agricultural Development" 25 February 2007 Navsari
10 Seminar on "Participatory Approach and Recent Trends in Rural Devlopment" 31 August 2009 Junagadh
11 Seminar on "Innovative Avenues of Extension Education 18 August 2012 Sardarkrushinagar
12 National Seminar on "Dimensions of Extension Education in Holistic Development of Farmers" 5 April 2014 Anand
13 National Seminar on "Magnitude of Extension Approaches in Agricultural Development" 7-8 February 2015 Navsari
14 National Seminar on "Contemporary Innovations for Quantum Extension in Agricultural Development" 18-19 March 2016 Junagadh
15 National Seminar on "Extension Plus: Expanding the Horizons of Extension for Holistic Agricultural Development" 21-22 April 2017 Sardarkrushinagar

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